Amazon’s BluRay sale: Get the first three Twilight films for cheap!

If you are trying to round out your BluRay collection, you should get the first three Twilight Saga films, which are currently ON SALE at Amazon!

Twilight for $13.73
New Moon for $12.45
Eclipse for $10.48

Thanks to @theblurayblog!

  • CaitlinTwilightLover

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3'd the twilight saga breaking dawn

  • Kate

    just wondering why the newest one is the cheapest LOL

  • Cal

    Bugger these, put the Twilight collector's box edition on sale and I'll think about it. It's not enticing since I already own all three, and the fact the US editions are region-locked and currently incompatible here in Australia. Besides, the blu-rays have all the features, for example our release of New Moon collected EVERY feature released on the 12+ editions of new moon released in the US, so we aren't missing out. Now, if I had the money, I would rebuy all three from Japan. Have you SEEN their collector's box sets? THEY ARE AMAZING! Too bad it's around $200 each…ouch

  • ferahtriman

    are u have dvd twilight breaking dawn?..

  • Aziz1997

    i like the story of bella and ed

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