Could Taylor Lautner star in a ‘Top Gun’ sequel?

We know that Taylor Lautner would love to emulate Tom Cruise’s successful acting career. Now, with Tom Cruise talking about a Top Gun sequel he’d like to do, there is mention of Taylor starring as a pilot learning from Cruise’s character Maverick. What do you guys think? Could this be a good fit for Taylor? For now it’s just fodder for the rumor mill, but fun to discuss!

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  • Beth

    It's hard to imagine that Tom Cruise would want to share the screen with TL and have everyone compare how old he looks as an action star.   I would like to see them together on screen but I can't see Cruise doing it.

  • Signe

    I agree with Beth :D But it really would be awesome!

  • http://twitter.com/lklovelw1 My Font

    I hate Tom Cruise and his crazy cult scientology

  • Mnneson

    it would be great but I agree with Beth. TC is a screen hog. If hes not the center of attention then hes upset and makes everyone around him miserable. But I would love to see TL do an action movie like that. the first one rocked!

  • Thtdamngood2

    why on gods green earth would the do a sequel to Top gun to begin with? wasnt one enough? hollywood needs to learn that not every movie needs to have a sequel. really how many friday the 13th movies are there and how many of them sucked. yes Taylor would be great in top gun but do we really need or want another movie with Tom Cruise in it

  • Nyyankeefan516

    seriously, what does cruise's  scientology have to do with the question..?

  • mel

    No way. I don't think he would do a good job

  • Heatherkpedigo75

    it is hard to imagine Tom Cruise not in that role but Taylor could do it,and he could play his teenge son,there is enough reseblance there.

  • Tthom

    He sure could he is hot enough. I think if Taylor wants to do the sequel he should go for it. He has the talent.

  • Skyeanne_moon

    Again Beth has a point. I don't see Tom going for it but it would be great to see.

  • Carinabck

    Every since Tom Cruise's opinion on medicating ADHD and all his other Scientology crap I've disliked him.  Religious views aside, I was in love with him as a little girl, and think he's a pretty decent actor.  It's funny because my daughter is in love with Taylor, so it would definitely be a mother daughter trip to the theater if this came out. :)

  • Vamesj

    I think it would be a great fit for Taylor except that he might be a little young. Unless that's what type of character they are going for. Maybe Chris Evans would be a better age and could definitely do that role. But if they want to bring a lot of younger viewers to the film, Taylor would be the way to go!

  • Tams19647

    OMG…. Leave Top Gun in the 80's where it belongs!  TL can do ever-so-much better with the great action scripts available out there.  Let do something new instead of 'ripping off' has been hits!

  • LjHobson

    Just because his opinion differs from yours you dislike him?

  • SMcReynolds714

    I agree with Beth. But it would be cool to see them both together on screen.

  • StephaniWatson

    one i don't think they should make another top gun just cause its such a good classic that should not be touch, BUT if they did do it, Taylor Lautner would be great for this film i think he would be the only one in Hollywood at this moment that could do it.

  • Ilovemitch475


  • Sfelicies23

    Taylor can do anything an play any role. He is a good actor not to mention very hot..

  • Santiac1127

    i think that would be a good oportunity, but i don't think he should get mixed in with tom cruise…. mainly b/c tom has flopped as an actor…. taylor is just starting out and doing really well for himself…. i just don't wanna see him do a bad movie and not have a great career in the future….

  • sara

    seems like a good thing as you said in fact teylor and Tom Cruise are the top gun of the journal iportanti sequel I think it's a good thing and it is important for us to greet fans, now you will zaretti

  • Sarah

    Its not because of difference of opinion. Its his irratic behavior that he is right and everyone else is wrong that I don't like about him. He is not willing to see the difference in people, so I am not obliged to think that his way of thinking off the screen is important either.

  • Esteele M

    many, many people begin their Air Force careers right out of high school at the age of 18, so why would Taylor be too young for the part of a new trainee? He would be perfect, actually!

  • Qlady77

    No Taylor does not need to put his name on a Sequel to Top Gun! I wish Hollywood would leave the good movies from the past alone!!! why all the remakes!! Its stupid!!!!

  • LjHobson

    I'm sick of hearing how everyone thinks Tom Cruise is crazy because he believes in Scientology! It's no more crazy than believing in any other religion. There is a pluthora of other actors and actress that believe in Scientology yet no one says anything about them and thats bullshit. Everyone loved TC until he spoke out about his beliefs and his opinions. Just because you might not agree with him, now he's crazy?! If you dont like his acting, thats fine, but not one person on here knows TC personally, therefore you have no reason to dislike some you have never even met; if you dont like him soley based on his beliefs then that just makes you a hypocrite. But thats just MY opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I just dont think its right to judge someone based on thier beliefs. I dont know that TC is a nice person or a douche bag, but I know I don't think he's crazy just because he believes in something I dont.

    I dont know what makes him a screen hog either, I'm not sure why anyone would think that but im sure you have your own reasons. I think a sequel could be an amazing idea, with good writers and TC as a mentor to TL and the technology we now have, it could potentially be a great movie. Mix in some of the old with the new, place it in a new setting, they could really do something with it. I think they should seriously think about it. As long as they create a new story line that runs parellel to the origional i think it would be an awesome movie.

  • BaBaBooey!

    I'm sure he hates you too.

  • Esteele M

    how do you figure Tom Cruise has flopped as an actor??? He has been nominated for 3 Academy Awards, WON 3 Golden Globes, was listed 3 separate years as one of Hollywood's sexiest actors, and 2 separate magazines in 2 separate years have listed him as Hollywood's most powerful actor. Where the heck do you get that he flopped as an actor!?

  • Movielover728

    There were talks of Tom and Taylor doing a movie together after New Moon came out what happened to that? But Top Gun was and awesome movie and I can totally see Taylor being as cocky as Mavrick.

  • Dummerthandory

    Tom Cruise is a total joke! I seriously hope they don't make a sequel. Top Gun was a great movie why ruin it with a sequel. LEAVE IT ALONE! It's like Mission Impossible good at first… getting kind of absurd. MOVE ON!

  • Linaboom

    Why is everybidy saying that Tom Cruise cant do another movie??!!! I think that he can and is fully capable of doing it a sequel. Why redo the original???? The original was so freaken good… it is still one of my favorite movies. What does his scientology have to do with whether he does the movie or not? I do not really like Taylor, and can not picture him as lead in a movie like Top Gun. He might be good at playing another pilot, or trainee pilot, but not as Maverick. I also feel that a movie such as Top Gun does not need a sequel, let alone a makeover. I really do not like how lately movie producers have felt the need to remake movies like Footloose, the original with Kevin Bacon was/is so good and a classic, the remake I thought was horrible. That is how I feel about things like this.

  • TinkNf

    i honnestly agree with everything you said… and ive never thought TC to be a screen hog…. i dk y ppls are saying that either. As for the scientology bs… i know nothing about that religion so i am no one to comment it on… but i do believe that you can know a lot about a person based on their beliefs and opions and morals. But thats not really a reason to talk shit about them even if you dont agree with wat they think.

  • Louise

    Taylor would be soo incredibly good in top gun! imagine him in those awesome ray-bans…

  • Rp Denise

    Are you Tom?? lol I love Tom Cruise, as an actor and I think he is super hot as a man, but I also agree that he behaves a bit crazy at times… ie.

  • Rp Denise

    And I dont care what his religious belifts are, he acts a bit wild and there is a standard we expect from ppl in the lime light… again ie.

  • Aturner7311

    I think you would be great for a Top Gun……

  • Ann Jackson

    I would probably go see a sequel and think that if it is done right it could be very good. I'd also like to see more of TL in action movies. It seems to fit him. Being a Twilight fan I've decided to keep up with all the actors careers. I agree with you that people shouldn't dislike someone because of their beliefs but I don't think that is their issue. Certainly not mine. What I don't like is TC's 'better than thou' attitude the same way I don't like 'hypocritical' christians. I don't go to church anymore because of them. It astonishes me that so called 'christians' don't want government in their lives but it's ok if government passes laws that restrict everyone's elses rights and belief's that differ from theirs. It's ok to hate and judge 'because the bible tells me so'. They don't practice what they preach but that's ok with them because 'they' are forgiven. Hypocrites! I don't think TC is crazy. I used to like him. But I do think he is arrogant, self-centered and a hypocrite. His actions have proven that to me.

  • Redneckbandit_01

    O yea I could really see taylor playing a part like that……

  • tgaul0923

    Tom Cruise is the worse thing to ever happen to hollywood. He is unable to keep personnal opinions to himself, some of the things that he has said in the past have distroyed him for alot of people so ( thank you Tom) LOL.

  • Ang

    I might be worth it just to see TL playing beach volley ball …

  • Tre

    I believe Taylor can be Tom's successor..however…I don't understand not utilizing hot new scripts….So many writers out there….GO GET THEM!!!

  • Randomguy3283

    that will be great. taylor is the next action hero. yes it is

  • Tina5591

    I think he'd do great!

  • Az00z1511

    i think it would be great but with out tom just TL alone and even tom was in the movie he should do role where he's TL father that would be an AWESOME sequel

  • Mrsstoney

    I always have wanted to see a sequel of topgun.  I loved the first one.  Tom Cruise is good in some stuff and bad in some stuff.   He needs to find better roles to play.

  • twi-mom

    I think people are silly not to like TC as an actor because of his religion. If we looked closely into most actors there would be issues that would make us not agree with them either. We go to movies to be entertained. Period. I did go to a local scientology meeting once to learn about it and it is soo different. But whatever all religion is weird if you think about it. I love TL however he seriously needs voice lessons. He comes off as nasal and geeky. Did you hear the way he said “Scarey stories” in Twilight? There are other instances that make me cringe. I love him though and really want all the actors to go on and prove they're true star material and have wonderful acting futures!

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