Grimm’s Monroe vs. Twilight’s Jacob – Who would win?

Grimm star Silas Weir Mitchell‘s character, Monroe, compares his character to Twilight’s Jacob. See what Silas says below:

Silas Weir Mitchell thinks his wolfy Grimm character Monroe could totally take on Twilight‘s werewolf Jacob… but only if he didn’t rely solely on brute strength.

“If you’re asking if Taylor Lautner‘s character could kick my a–, yeah he probably could,” Mitchell tells TVGuide.com. “I might have the wiles, but if he got the jump on me, I’d be dead meat. I’m older than he is, so I know some tricks, but like I said, if it were pound for pound, I’m dead.”

Source: TV Guide Via: TTL

  • Kimbeesue63

    Jacob!  Definately Jacob!!

  • Beth


  • Sia

    Jacob would win. And I've seen Grimm.

  • Twilig Th

    JACOB !! That's for sure !!!

  • HollyBurton

    Jacob definitely .would kick his ass in looks and awesome  body

  • Jenn Larssen

    If we're talking about humor, hands down it's Monroe! LOL! (I love Twilight, I do! But I'm a Portlander, where Grimm is filmed, so Monroe gets my vote first.)

  • Trollqueen

    I want to be civil, I honestly do. However the only word to describe how I am currently feeling are, GET YOUR STUPID-ASS TWILIGHT THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY GRIMM. And have you seen Jacob? He is so hideous!

  • jagger 92

    jacob totally he would so kick monroe's ass monroe is kinda weak for a werewolf

  • YourStupid:D


  • Lala40

    You are the saddest group of people I've ever seen in my life. Get a life. Twilight is hands down the worst thing you could have ever done with your life. Honestly.

  • Derp

    you're a nigger

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