Holiday gift ideas for the Twilight-obsessed loved one

It’s the holidays! Let’s face it. We love Twilight. And we love vampires and werewolves! For the fan in your household, or if you need to give your family and friends some new ideas this year, here’s a handful of must-haves!


If you are looking for a light and fresh scent look no further. VAMPIRE by Body Fantasies is a sexy fragrance that is long-lasting and a great value! You can currently purchase this VAMPIRE Gift Set that includes a bottle of the perfume, plus a .5 oz body spray! A perfect gift for a friend, or maybe you can put it on your wish list! So to buy the Body Fantasies Vampire gift set, purchase at FragranceRebel.com.

Let’s not forget that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Official Illustrated Movie Companion has JUST hit the stores! If you haven’t already snatched one up for your collection, add it to your holiday list, and grab one for your Twihard friends while you are at it! Pick one up at your local retailer, or here at Amazon.


If you love Vampires, but you just can’t decide which one is your favorite, you can always go with this TEAM VAMPIRE necklace! Or maybe you are a Werewolf lover? How about TEAM WEREWOLF necklace!


Your current copies of Breaking Dawn are probably worn out, so why not buy this awesome Collector’s Edition to take their place? Check it out at Amazon.


And, lest we forget, you can buy some pretty rocking T-shirts at CafePress! I have five or six of their shirts and they are my favorites! Check out the selection here.

Will you be asking for any of these this year? What’s on your Twilight wish list?

  • Dmr1601

    Bought the vampire perfume a week ago & it's smells amazing!

  • try2dwjw

    Body Glitter would make a great stocking stuffer!

  • Littlemisssunshine699

    I want Edward that is about it!

  • Jb_lockhart3

    what are the undertones in it? floral, vanilla, amber?

  • abbyweyr

    My Dear Santa letter included Twilight calendar and the music CD's.

  • Eleanor

    If I can't have Edward, I'll skip the gifts this year! LOL!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4RXFJ6A5S54XC3LTT6ZARXWDU Sarah

    http://www.etsy.com is FULL of twilight items made by everyday people.. support small businesses and most items I fall in love with are at great prices.

  • ALYSSAtheTwilightLover

    i love twilight i am so team bella i love edward and jacob both are just so sexy

  • Leasha

    i wouls ask for Edward but i already have mine

  • Leasha

    doh WOULD

  • Jessicandalton

    I sprayed the vampire perfume on me and it didn't smell so great. It smells great until put on. I've never had a perfume change smells so drastically just with body chem. It made me sick the smell did…and what about werewolf perfume?

  • Gloria

    I want assorted sizes & colors!…… a  v-neck tee in assorted  colors of the wolf pack stars together with each wolf by the star & name ……!….ALSO;   I want a v-neck in assorted   colors of the VOLTURI…Aro & the  rest of the Volturi on the shirts,blankets ,hoodys with zippers!…I want the BREAKING  DAWN  dvd?  I love them,too…besides my VAMPIRES !

  • Tabby<3

    who dosn't want that??? <3

  • Twihard

    team edward. I have got the black and white, red and white copies of all the twilight books. yes i am obsessed but what is wrong with that. Edward Cullen is gorgeous.Vampires rock and werewolves suck

  • Sandycat53

    i got several breaking dawn gifts but can someone get me edward for my birthday in august 2012, that is my ultimate gift of all time just a few hours would do but longer would be amazing!

  • Sandycat53

    i too have all the books in paper back and hard back both black and white, edward rocks he is so gorgeous,

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