Amadou Ly Interview on Langdon Nation Podcast

Amadou Ly, star of the highly anticipated finale “Twilight Breaking Dawn 2,” crashes into the studio to break Langdon’s heart (and, of course, the hearts of all the young girls of the Nation); the movie franchise is incredible, and he has some wonderful things to say about his phenomenal co-stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart; we talk about just how sexy vampires really are and he shares some exciting info about the upcoming film that he hasn’t talked about anywhere else; it’s nail-biting, but, his real-life tale is even more compelling; it’s an amazing story about overcoming some pretty incredible adversity, and he tells it here to Langdon and the Crew; it’s proof that this Senegalese Stud is not just a bold beauty, but an intelligent, deep individual with whom we honestly feel that everyone is going to fall in love; also on the show is Langdon’s “Office  Wife,” Katie, here to bring some bosoms back to the show; plus, sexy Nerds, making fun of Langdon, Touchdown Jesus and more!

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