Movie.com’s ‘Top Ten Iconic ‘Twilight Saga’ Moments’

Check out 5 of the 10 top Twilight Saga Moments, from Moive.com.

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be making a top ten list, so why don’t we jump into the mix too. Let’s take a look at the Top Ten Twilight Saga Iconic Film Moments leading up to Breaking Dawn Part 1.

1. The original Twilight movie has possibly the most iconic image of the series. It’s the moment where both Bella and Edward are entranced with each other right after Edward saves Bella from Tyler’s out-of-control van. For many fans who didn’t know anything about Twilight until they saw the films, that was the moment that hooked them. They became captivated by Robert Pattinson and/or the Bella and Edward love story right there during those intense few seconds.

2. One of the most parodied parts of the entire series is the infamous moment in the meadow of “Say it out loud. Vampire.” If you ask people who aren’t fans of the series for a Twilight Saga moment that stands out in their minds, this one is easily it. Even though we don’t get the romantic meadow scene as presented in the book, the scene is memorable to fans nonetheless. It’s the big reveal to Bella that confirms what Edwards is, and consequently it’s what drives the action forward from that point on.

3. The final iconic moment in Twilight is the prom with Edward and Bella’s dance at the gazebo. It’s the first truly prolonged, tender moment they have in the films. Iron and Wine’s song Flightless Bird: American Mouth underscored the sequence and became an instant fan favorite. It was now unofficially Bella and Edward’s song, the one that defined who they were to each other. So far, it is the only song to make a comeback on any of the soundtracks. It currently serves as the song at their wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

4. Moving on to New Moon, the image that hauntingly epitomizes much of the movie is Bella huddled alone in the forest abandoned by Edward. It sets the tone of depression and isolation that lasts almost the entire film. Even in some of her lighter moments with Jake, Bella still suffers from a broken heart. The image of her in a fetal position as leaves blow over her on the damp forest ground represents what she still feels inside.

5. Every fan is aware of the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate. The moment when Team Jacob first took over the screen is the next iconic moment — and t happens when Bella crashes the motorcycle and Jacob runs over to her. Not only do we get the famous “You’re sort of beautiful” line from the novel, but we also get a look at the 8-pack that launched Taylor Launter’s heartthrob status.  Everyone knew Lautner bulked up for New Moon, but now it was obvious to what degree that was true.  Adult fans everywhere started counting down to Lautner’s eighteenth birthday because, as one put it, “It makes the drooling seem less inappropriate.”

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    Good scenes except the proposal took place in Edward's bedroom not the meadow.

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    wow way to get it wrong it was in the bedroom that she finally said yes

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