Fantasy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream movie flavors

The fun folks at Next Movie just posted this awesome idea! What if Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors were based on movies we loved in 2011? Think about it? Twilight ice cream? LOL !!

See all the fantasy movie ice cream flavors HERE

  • NaomiRz19

    LOL! That would be awsome! :)

  • Leia62

    Not quite sure about that.

  • lish

    Some brand actually made twilight ice cream….hoggendosh, or however you spell that ice cream brand!

  • 1969candy

    I would Love this ice cream!

  • Kesaloveseven

    OMG….this is so cool

  • Imamomma4

    i sooooooo want that ice cream

  • whatever

    haggen daz??

  • Knoxville13420

    This sounds delish!!

  • Lilmissmadisonabq

    I wanna see Sucker Punch ice cream. Colorful, mouth watering temptation, daring you to bite, but leaves you berry disappointed after you try it

  • http://twitter.com/juggalette71787 Kathrine sadler

    Fuckin' Twitards  gotta fuckin have there own damn ice cream oh and fuckin Twitards how do they work?

  • twiHARD

    ew shut the fuck up kathrine TWIHARDS* ROCK

  • Laceymoore_2005

    I don't like orange Ice Cream

  • CullenLover626

    I would so eat this!!! I love it!!!! :)

  • Laceymoore_2005

    Hey I wonder if they will make Watermelen!

  • Kristin

    OMG I'd buy it!! There needs to be a coffee/caramel one with little chocolate wolves in it too though!!

  • Dawb19

    I have to get thsi I ce cream

  • Shannoncc1896

    OMG…were do i get some of that???

  • Annaarmijo

    Blood Orange with pastry sounds gross, I love twilight!! But I could've came up with a better combination.

  • Paogs_15

    I want to esat that is amaizinggggggggg ♥♥♥

  • Drissso83

    I want this ice cream

  • pollypur

    well it sounds pretty interesstering i'd say so what else are ther coming up with. Harry potter with a sour aftertaste????? dont get me wrong i love twilight but the name could have been a bite better lol

  • Emeraldrose30

    oh hell yeah I'd buy it

  • Twilightsagaforever

    This would be my new favorite flavor. TWILIGHT FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • Thespencers09
  • Daphtj

    Hmmm.. orange? I would rather choose for Vanilla ice cream with brown chocolate wolves and white chocolate diamonds.. the taste of the ice cream don't need to be Vanilla, but don't take chocolate ice cream :p or caramel or coffee :p al the rest is good

  • TheRealPixieAlice

    that would be very good. If you havnt tried Blood Orange go and try it!!! that flavor is very sweet. it isnt as acidic as a regular orange. at least to me. It would be better with Chocolate instead of the danishes. but whateve.

  • TwilightIsForFagsWhoHaveNoLife

    All of you are faggots

  • Twihard

    Oh My Gosh that looks absolutely amazing and  i want to try it. I can't believe they made a Twilight ice cream. it is awesome.

  • Gina- Marie

    Why the hell are you even on here? Do you seriously have nothing better to than to shit on our parade? – jeez and you say WE have no life.

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