Melissa Rosenberg is the most successful female screenwriter EVER!!

Congratulations to Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter for the Twilight Saga series.  According to an article in NY Mag, she is officially the most successful female screenwriter .  Check it out!!

It’s been a lucrative year for women behind the camera in Hollywood. Back in September, Kung Fu Panda 2 helmer Jennifer Yun Nelson became the highest-grossing female director ever (and it happened on her feature directorial debut). Now, THR reports that after scripting the last four Twilightmovies, Melissa Rosenberg has become the most successful female screenwriter ever, to the tune of more than $2.56 billion in worldwide grosses. She’s still got a ways to go before she catches up with James Cameron and Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves, both of whom have career grosses totaling over $6 billion, but next November’s release of Breaking Dawn, Part II should help.

Source : NY Mag via Twilightish

  • Mamabev58

    All I can say is, too bad there are not seven Twilight Books!  Thanks and congratulations to Melissa!

  • Shelly_hood100090


  • Adefleice31

    All I can say is Melissa, YOU HAVE DONE AN AWSOME JOB WITH THESE MOVIES!  They followed the books perfectly and I am so excited for Breaking Dawn Part 2 to come out so I can own all the movies and watch them whenever I want to!!

  • Jade

    I give her a thumbs up for all the books up until Breaking Dawn 1.. this one sucked!!! I have no idea if she had higher ups breathing down her back on what to write or not but.. honestly.. could careless about the time spent on wedding and honeymoon, especially the honeymoon. There were two parts, the “biting on the headboard” and the feathers after that.. be done.. move on.. whole section of the book where the Cullen family goes in search of a vampire/human was left out.. crucial.. cheesy talking wolves.. PLEASE.. reading it is one thing.. watching it.. thank you I'm not 5. hope II will make up for this one.

  • Makeupart33

    I love the Twilight movies, but I have to be honest. She could have done a lot better adapting the book into movie scripts. I was so disappointed that more of Edward's sarcastic/funny personality wasn't put into Eclipse the movie.

  • Alie

    Totally agree.

  • Alie

    Very true! The whole story from the housekeepers and their legends was completely left out for a lot of blah.

  • Blackcatcrossing1

    It's been a while since I read the book, but if I recall correctly, they didn't go in search of the vampire/human until after the baby was born, after the threat of the Volturi coming to find them.  It could still show up in part 2.  I can't imagine Alice and Jasper not taking off to find them.  I guess we shall see.

  • Xènia

    it's true! what happen after they know Bella is pregnant… the friendship with Rosalie ….the searching vampire/human… isn't into the movie.
    I've missed a lot of thing (important things for me) in every movie.

    In Breaking Dawn 1 (movie) we don't see Bella's feelings about Edward doesn't tought her. And all the time that Jacob is searching himself far away…. doesn't exist.

    I know it should be really difficult transform a book into a movie, and i'm agree: important things can't be missed. But, if they put EVERYTHING into the movie it would be a 4hours film (i'd love it!).

  • RavensRayne78

    Too bad she didn't get the most successful surgeon to do her rhinoplasty.  YIKES!!

  • http://twitter.com/GeminiMoon_Sun ~Simply Me~

    I think some of you guys are haters i mean some of the things that are commented doesn't happen until pt 2. On top of that she had a budget to work with so you get what you can afford. Finally i loved her work it was awesome and she deserves the title. If was to trash talk someone it would be the makeup artist because one moment the makeup is fine and the next looks like who shot john. Anyway Congrats Melissa!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    They did show the Cullens doing research on the legends of vampire human offspring, showed Edward on the computer researching myths and the other Cullens also searching through books. They spoke of them researching to Jacob, but there wasn't much to go on. It wasn't til after the baby was born and its cont. rapid growth, that they decided to go in search of a poss. hybrid in South America.

  • Kimmy7574

    The search for the vampire/human was not left out.  It has not happened yet.  It is in the second half of the book.  I agree that the “talking wolves” was cheesy.  That was the only part I didn't like about the movie.  I thought the movie hit all the key points in the first half of the book.

  • Mrs.cullen

    You got be kiddin me,she ruined BREAKING DAWN

  • sally

    breaking dawn was the closest to the book… nothing was really left out. yeah the talking wolf bit was cheesy but how could it not? when you imagine it, it is fine but really, some things are just cheesy when turned into a visual. all of the key points were there. the wedding, honeymoon, jakes separate pack, the pregnancy, kicking ribs apart, drinking blood, edward hearing the baby, the friendship between rose and and bella, jake imprinting, leah haitng the cullens and not accepting food. the dream scenes were changed a bit but i really liked what they did, and the fight at the end with the wolves never happened but it was honestly so close to the book that i was shocked. there were so many lines taken exactly from the book and after reading articles and interviews there were a couple of humor scenes that were written but didnt make the final cut( jake and rose with the food bowl) as a whole i think breaking dawn was fabulous! in the next movie we will definitely see bellas first hunt, the cottage, rapidly growing renesmee, alice and jasper leaving, the hunt for new vamps, and the volturi coming. theres still another 2 whole hours of a new movie to come out so i dont think anything major will be missed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Cox/1368360447 Jon Cox

    I dont mind she took it upon herself with Stephanie to make certain changes because thats part of the process
    it has to be comprehensive for alot of other audiences besides the fans
    sure people may hate how the writing was handled and have a hard time grasping adults get paid to write this kind of material but hey, adults used to be teenagers and kids too
    we all write certain things that some people may not accept whatsoever

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