MTV Style lists Rob, Kristen, and Taylor as part of ‘The Best Fashion Magazine Covers Of 2011′

MTV Style lists Taylor’s ‘GQ’ Australia, Kristen’s ‘W,’ and Rob’s ‘Vanity Fair’, part of ‘The Best Fashion Magazine Covers Of 2011′. Which is yours? Leave us a comment below!

Another year, another set of Twilight covers! Taylor Lautner smoldered as a throwback to the Rat Pack in a lean suit and slicked hair on the November issue of GQ Australia, while Kristen Stewart also exemplified an homage to retro fashion as a ’60s bombshell on the September issue of W. (Do yourself a favor and look at that cover in a bigger version—it’s a cat’s eye to dream about.) On the opposite side of the spectrum, Robert Pattinson poses with an alligator (um, sure?) on the April cover of Vanity Fair in a very Crocodile-Dundee-meets-urban-cowboy shoot that leaves us with SO many questions: Is that marsh real? Why is Rob’s shirt so wrinkled? Is that crocodile considered an accessory? Is PETA mad? We’re not! Now if only he’d undo just one more button…

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  • Tiffanychristie09

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  • Guest

    I like Rob so don't go nuts with this comment…  he looked liked an Amish guy with the hat.  Holding the crocodile with his “girly hands”  didn't look macho.

  • Gaby! :)

    Lo  maximoo!  Me encantaaaa! :) si son los mas guaposss!

  • Emma_Malfoy

    k-stew looks more like lindsey lohan there lol

  • guest

    OMG!!! taylor is soooo HOT!!!!

  • Morgan1923

    robert is cute and a good vampier

  • Donnafarr09

    That is not kristen

  • Norcat1

    I love robert he was so butyffl

  • Vianna_dn


  • Audri

    she does not look like lindsey lohan … please … not even a chance … the 3 of them look amazing !

  • Vedika

    rob is looking fab 

  • Gyleches

    Have to agree. The cover is ridiculous.

  • ash

    rob n kristi    love them both… <3

  • Mela-1981

    je trouve que Kristen est + belle en naturelle

  • khyati

    rob is lukin awesome!!..luv him!!

  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    It has to be Robert's cover for me that is the best but I find it hard for anything to beat that fine, fine man! I do love the other two cover's though. They would definitely be my favourites for the year of each of them. LOVE IT! Alice X x

  • KIM


  • Jerie joseph

    I LOVE Robert! If only he would undo 1 more button!!! I LOVE ROBERT! He is soooo fine!

  • Jen L B

    So many people's opinion of beauty are as unique as the person the opinion comes from. I think Kristen is stunning, she has very subtle curves and is thin….even smaller framed I think she is very feminine. Her face is very unique and interesting to look at unlike my opinion of so many other hollywooders who all seem to look the same.

  • Bjb1254

    Rob looks soooooo hotttt here!!! Yes, it's a real marsh, he was here in Louisiana (my hometown) in Baton Rouge filming some of Breaking Dawn. And I think he looks really cool & sort of laid back with the hat & his white shirt is probably wrinkled after wrestling with that alligator!!!!!!!!! Ha! Ha! It's not confusing at all (the writer of the article seemed to have some questions about the cover photo) if you understand that the picture is perfect for the location. And as for myself and I'm sure many other women and girls, I would not mind at all trading places with that alligator wrapped around his neck and shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God definitely knew what he was doing when he created Robert Pattinson! How I love that man!

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