MTV’s 2012 Movie Smackdown

MTV’s 2012 Movie Smackdown is asking which movie you are most excited about in 2012.

Here are the details :

Starting on Tuesday (January 3), we’re asking you to vote for the movie you’re most excited to see in 2012 based on our list of 32 titles. The following week, our list will pare down to a sweet 16 based on your votes. Those remaining movies will be pitted against each other in a series of single-elimination battles until only one film is left standing—the film that you’re most excited about in 2012.

Can the growing buzz on “The Hunger Games” outmatch the anticipated ”Breaking Dawn” finale? Will a comic book movie flick like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “The Amazing Spider-Man” take the top prize? Which upcoming Snow White movie – “SWATH” or “Mirror Mirror” – is truly the fairest of them all?

We’ll find out what you think when the Smackdown begins. Tune into MTV Movies on January 3 for the first round of voting!

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