‘The Hunger Games’ Tops ‘Breaking Dawn’ As 2012 Most Anticipated Movie

According to a new MTV poll, the Hunger Games tops Breaking Dawn at the most aticipated movie of 2012. As a huge Hunger Games fan, I can see how the results came out this way. The Hunger Games has received a huge amount of hype in the past couple of months. Do you agree or do you think Breaking Dawn should have received the top spot?

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  • Jendgls31

    Breaking dawn can't come soon enough, they have my vote

  • keli


  • Mamabev58

    This is bull….. everyone knows Twilight fans can't wait for BD 2 to come out. Hunger games my foot!!!!!!!  All right  Twilight fans start posting!

  • Ellena131

    Yet another comment i might (will) be hated for, but breaking dawn part 1 was kinda dissapointing. I am looking forward to seeing hunger games myself.

  • TeamEdward4Ever

    I think Breaking Dawn should have smoked The Hunger Games !!

  • Beth

    They're promoting HG very hard since it has to make $100 million for the studio to make anymore movies in the series.  This is so much hype.   BD2 for the win.

  • Abigaile

    well im a twihard,but looove hunger games and voted for it myself

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    BD-1 was disappointing, but BD-2 should be miles better. The Hunger Games looks AWESOME, though! I'm seeing both HG and BD2 in 2012!!

  • Lisa


  • Oda

    I havent read The Hunger Games. Just the first chapter when i got it when i saw BD part1.
    Breaking Dawn part.2 should have received the top spot i think.

    Twilighter forever!

  • Ash

    I'm a Twihard and a HG fan, so it's really hard to pick. However, I've kinda been on a HG kick, but then again, I cannot wait till they BD2 because of the scenes of Bella getting used to becoming a vampire. :)

  • Ccrainvampiregirl1

    twilight is the most fucking awesome thing ever created so…… HG can go SUCK IT!
    EDWARD 4-EVER! IM A TOTAL TWIHARD BD2 !!!! will rock hard
    i have twilight bedsheets, cups,braclets, im in love i wish to be a VAMPIRE!!!

  • Ccrainvampiregirl1

    U SUCK!

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