Erik Odom included by Hunger Games fansites in their fantasy casting for Finnick Odair

I love the Hunger Games, so it’s exciting to see this fantasy casting project by Hunger Games fansites include our very own Erik Odom, who will play Peter in Breaking Dawn part 2. Looks like quite a few people think he would make an excellent choice to play Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games.  Team Twilight staff Lindsay and Arianna are a part of the Hunger Games fandom as well as posted their thoughts on this fantasy casting choice.

HG Girl On Fire:

Lindsay: ”I have met Erik in person and we chatted with him about the role of Finnick. He told us he thought he could defiinitely do it but he’d have to “bulk up” a bit. I agree that he’d need to put on some muscle, but he’s got the right look with his sandy blond locks and blue eyes. And I do like to think of Finnick as a southern charmer. One of the reasons I love Erik for the role is that he is a big Hunger Games fan. He discussed it on Twitter a good bit after reading it, and I think that’s an important thing to bring to the table.

Down With The Capitol:

Arianna: Many may not know who Erik Odom is yet, but I do. Sort of. I had the pleasure of meeting Erik last month and the first thought that popped into my mind “Oh man, this dude could be Finnick!” Erik has charisma and personality I have always seen in Finnick. People want a good looking Finnick. Erik has killer blue eyes, and sandy blonde hair. He admitted he needs to bulk up, but with a little dedication, that can be pulled off just fine. I think this would be a perfect match up because having a newer actor for Finnick would allow Erik to develop Finnick’s character as his own.

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    Andrew Garfield is my Finnick Odair <333 lol

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