Lisa Howard (Siobhan) talks Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilightish spoke exclusively with Lisa Howard who will play Siobhan in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, about her involvement in the Saga! Here’s a bit of the interview:

Twilightish: Siobhan is quite a strong willed character, (she even suspects that she can effect the outcome of a situation by willpower alone!). How did you go about forming her character for the big screen?

Lisa: To get into my character, I re-read Breaking Dawn and I watched all the prior Twilight movies. I tried to be as familiar with the world that Stephanie Meyers created as I could. Then on set, my costume, hair and make-up really helped transport me into that world. Who couldn’t feel like a vampire with those red eyes!

Twilightish: Did you find instant chemistry with your on-screen mate Liam (played by Patrick Brennan)?

Lisa: Yes, he’s a great guy.  Maggie (played by Marlane Barnes) and Liam and I spent a lot of time together on set, you get close with everybody.

Read the full interview here.

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