New/Old pics of Rob,Kristen and Catherine Hardwick at the Twilight UK Premiere

Even though these are old pictures taken from the Twilight UK premiere in 2008, they are still SO fun to look at !! Enjoy!!

See more pics HERE

Source : Robert Pattinson Life

  • Gyleches

    I miss that wild mop of hair on him! Look at the body language between him and Kristen. Pretty awkward. What a difference a couple years makes eh?

  • emilijukaLTU

    Kris so cute and beautiful

  • Kaylamorton10

    I think Robert looks like he just got out of bed and Kristen looks like shes wearing an oversized trashbag as a raincoat… they all three look ticked off and like they dont wanna be there.
    Im a huge Twilight Saga fan but, I do not like these pictures… at all!

  • http://twitter.com/_evelyn_w Evelyn Winchester

    I actually think her coat looks very lovely. But I do get what you mean about his hair and they don;t look too happy.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7VY3SW6FIXUCHAL27FRMHCMJ7E Cristina Andreea

    umm… just wondering why Kris's hair is more red than brown in the 3rd pic…
    and they look so bored!! I am personally a TWIHARD but i personaly dont like this pics… :/

  • Lora Nowak

    Remember, they were both very intimidated by the over reaction to the movie and the photo shoots, papazzi and fans. They have defintely come a very long way. It's great to look back at these pics and remember the feelings of being so in love with the books/movies/characters/actors..I wish them much success~

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