Gorgeous new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art featuring vampire Bella!

Here are a couple of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan made images! What do you think?

Elisa Gallion:

D. Emmanuel:

  • Amyleemellors

    well i like Bella to  she is very cool what she is (vampire) go on Bella

  • TwilightTVD

    Granted this isn't the best fan art but it is good enough until we see part 2 glad more drawings are coming back than pictures of Edward as a pancake?

  • Atkinsonjessica29

    I dont like the orange hair

  • Ladylarp08

    Beautiful <3

  • Trinity

    she is amazing!! beautil pics. i cant belive she actually turned to one even though edward said he wouldnt

  • Rswann770

    No, I don't care for her pictures.  She isn't as real looking now. Not as beautiful as she has been. At least don't give her red hair.  I guess the fans don't have any input on this matter.  Ya'll need to listen to your fans.  I loved all the books and all the movies.  I can't wait to see the last one.  I'm sorry it will end.  Hey what about a spin off show, on TV?  Love you all.

  • Fgtrekdkjjghbh

    i love you bella but that is not u what will happen to jacbob

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZKAV5JCUHQNRFWYPTYD2AB42M gray_eyes_love

    she is one sexy vampire

  • Sandrabrads

    Bella looks gorgeous and is even better as a vampire, in the book she will has to wear contact len's when her dad vist's her.  x

  • Chey

    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrh1998

    omg!!!!!!!!! she is sooooo pretty i cant wait for part 2

  • Nosty_rosty

    i like it sooooo mucg plz hurry in twilight part 2 pllllllllllz i wait it !

  • Pumpkinbaby1974

    roflmao some of you people if you don't like “bella” or kirsten then why be a fan of this page!  Kinda defeats the purpose don't ya think!  The books never ever follow the movies I love the Saga series and the books are a lot better!  We just like the visual effects movies add to our books!  I will be the first to admit I was very disappointed with the release of BD part 1 it sure didn't have some of the stuff in the movie that should of been added and I understand they have to keep it “rated” for the 'teens' but come on the birthing scene was NOT GOOD it was way to cheezy!  Hopefully they will release the “directors original” cut and we can buy both!  The sex scene was pretty good but it could of been better.  Wonder if they are going to allow the 2 sex scenes in part 2?  I betcha they don't!

  • Mariamonicagonzales

    quiet pretty but not that attractive….but it's still good..nice job co-team..!

  • Nicolematthews1811

    bella look soooooooo hot no she will give edward a run for his life. she will be one of the strongest vimpires along with her beatuiful daughter. can't wait for pt 2 to release.

  • Shastas67

    wow,bella look so hot!

  • Katelynn Tinsley

    i luuvv tht soo pretty cnt wnt to see breakind dawn part two

  • Fan-1-of-twilight

    (LLLLLLLLL) Love it, now she is a Cullen :) )) 8) But I think she is really white in the painting

  • Mango

    y change her hair colour

  • Ariana D.

    OME!! >.< I cant wait to see part 2

  • J_uglesich

    Im so happy about Part 2 but im mad that i have to wait a full year to see it

  • Rene

    really? would u choose to be a vampire?…

  • Renez

    i'm with u …really…would u choose to be a vampire? eclipse really laid it out 3 me…jake is the man

  • Angelinne leonor

    i can't wait to see a part 2 of twilight breaking dawn!!!…i'm sooo excited!!!
     i love you bella swan!!!

  • Strouw

    Never seen à MovieThat makes you long so much for THE next part it,s absolutly killing x

  • @nnie's

    i love twilight…………..:) n waiting for release

  • Qaisqandahari

    da mor mo kwas

  • Ellsye evlyn raff

    i love bella new look and i can wait for new twilight breaking dawn is part 2 ……

  • IcyTwilight

    I am gonna be so sad when it all ends im just gunna write my own ending up. Ive read all 4 books and watched all the films exept part 2 wow the effects that thier going to have to create!

  • Erin-mcmillan


  • Ratri

    How beautifull Bella Cullen as a vampire… ^_^ (loved her)

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