Gorgeous new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art featuring vampire Bella!

Here are a couple of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan made images! What do you think?

Elisa Gallion:

D. Emmanuel:

  • Browneyez63


  • Itschagirlmc

    could be better

  • B Mine

    i love twiliht

  • Charlottelouisetaylor

    i think she looks nicer as a human – but it wouldnt make it twilight without a twist <3

  • Laurel

    I still don't like Bella……………………………………….She is a pretty vampire.

  • keylen004

    luv it

  • Sierranicole100

    Nice Edits Everyone.!:)

  • Abigail

    i like her with her normal eyes and hair she just looks ugly now#

  • Bri0889

    love it love her as a vampire can't wait to see what she really look like =)

  • The_preciosa


  • Tinkerjenifer

    her hair looks way too red its weird

  • Noni

    not that pale but amazing, spectral  real great

  • Kurt-rober

    now bella is sexy,and i cant wait til the powers she has come full blown out!

  • maria

    wow i liked is amazing this pic n is amazing the movie 2 ahah

  • Miriam Quinde


  • Aaronsgurl1998


  • Billie19840

    vampires total got this sage on my shelf……cant wait

  • http://twitter.com/KuteRose_17 Rosilind

    i like the last one… pweddy <3

  • Aischwar_69

    hmm not bad for fan art. but im hoping her hair color doesnt actually change to that color of red. her original brown is prettier.

  • Krissyrubi22

    Ur crazy!I

  • Twmzdutty32

    At the end of the moviee her eyes were golddd

  • Tularia

    I love Elisa's art. She's missed in the LOTR fandom, but I'm glad she's found somewhere else to play!

  • Karolcia0798

    Wow ! She is beautiful ! <3

    I love Twilight ! <333

  • Martin-martin123

    hermosa,me encanta todo de esa secuelaaa

  • Claracollins65

    wow i love the hair cant wait for part 2

  • Sunshine_boo6992

    i love twilight i love everything , have no fault , send out part 2 quick nuh

  • Dwlling

    Wtf? Why her hairs would litteraly change color? Chocolate brown is great, and when you read the books(I read them all, didn't quite liked much but heh.) you can see her hairs didn'T changed! That's just… they got shinier I suppose, but they don't become almost aubrun!

  • Dcr454

    I love Alec

  • Charlottetulett

    in this first fanpic she looks alot like Victoriaa.. :L

  • Amy_schultze

    i think she looks great as a vamp and also as a normal girl but then again she is also a great actress too i love the movies and her she rocks in her role and does wonderful in it i could not see a better person to play this part rock on … i also can't wait to see the other part and as well as i am sad to see an end is close for the story .. i would love a nother story of what happends to the child and how she grows up and there life after all this that rock well thats it other then that i love the stories and movies and am glad the author wrote them and let us be a part of the story too… amy s mn.

  • Chelsea lousie Rodgerson

    maby a little lighter on the eye color tho otherwize it good xxx i cant wait for part 2 !!!!!!

  • Ipoprockfan

    she looks scarry now :(

  • bob shower

    love twilight

  • Bubblymonster24

    Still don't make her any better. She's still a terrible actress. But these are great photos, though I don't fund her very attractive.

  • Tanha Yesmin


  • http://twitter.com/KarolineYezz yezz karoline

    i love twilight
    ♥ 4evr

  • Karenyazuaje

    I don´t know what to say… she was shy like human, now I hope she can do the best with new look…

  • Bvrlyjake6


  • natalliejune


  • He11onearth2003

    why does bella look so dopey

  • Roni

    the pictures are gorgeous exactly how she should look vibrant, beautiful and sexy

  • YukiChan210

    i like both but the second picture i highly doubt sh would have a blush

  • ShadePitt

    i love it i can't wait for part  and all who hating on bella new look u all are jealous

  • Littlemonkey66

    OMG…Kristen Stewart was all wrong for this part.  But the before is alot better.  I agree to pale and red is a bad color for her hair!  She is supose to look inhumanly beautiful!

  • Marou030989

    very nice bella

  • Lolycab1107

    :) beuty

  • Grammakl2

    People this is someones rendering of Bella, she did a great job! Lets stop with the negativity and just say thank you

  • Lacy2022

    Soooo cool.

  • Morgan2

    The red eyes are awful she would look better with the honey Colorado and hair is to red too

  • Babyerin2k9

    Love how u can see how penciled in her eyebrows are :/ akward hahahaha

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