Gorgeous new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan art featuring vampire Bella!

Here are a couple of new Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan made images! What do you think?

Elisa Gallion:

D. Emmanuel:

  • Sarahjsteffes

    eye brows in enhanced shot look too heavy and gross

  • Katelyn

    I like it. Her eyes are a little too bright. But she's pretty as Bella. I don't like Kristen Stewart though. :)

  • Shazza

    Awesome…Best i've seen Bella look…

  • Stevenharbord

    she looks very sexy xxx

  • kels

    Amazing job! I agree with some though she looks better as a human. Way too pale…..pale is beautiful but this pale is yucky.

  • Kirstyn

    I love the picturs of bella as a vampier and i love her baby

  • Katie Prock

    why would her hair change??? Her eyes will be red, then hazel or whatever. But her hair should not change color unless she dyes it. dumb.

  • Kesalovesdeven

    **LOVE IT**

  • Danabirdwell

    i think she's beautiful and she is a good actress and i love the vampire look 2 thumbs up love the twilight movies..

  • Brittanysellwood

    i think she looks good both ways… she a good actor and knos how too work it

  • Jewels1669

    People – a fan created these – these are not official releases for the movie.  I sure wish I had talent like that – I love seeing all the different visions fans have and I am very impressed!

  • Cyndi

    She is beautiful as a vampire or as a human…The first pic is nice, aside from the “too red” of hair. I really didn't invision her hair changing color drastically like that. The second one messed up the eyebrows…her eyebrows are not like that. The curve and darkness is all wrong, but still nice artwork. Can't wait till November to see the second half of Breaking Dawn…can't believe they are making us wait when it is already shot. And I shall own Breaking Dawn Part 1 on DVD/Blue Ray Combo on Feb 11th for sure! And for those of you who don't like Kristen Stewart…get off the fan page…you don't belong here!

  • Lynywalde-2834

    por fin ya viene!! wweeppaa!! estoy loca de ver la esta parte!!!

  • Danixamoxqueda

    haora es mas bella y ermosa ya que es banpiro un colen

  • Awesomegirl243

    i fuckin hate this

  • Leannebuckley

    She looks fab . And she is great for the part cant think of any one else that can play the part better . Love the hair make up and the style . Cant wait for next one . I think a massive well done to the twilight team for their hard work and great way of pulling the films off . Hope they get alot of wards and more .

  • http://twitter.com/CharlotteBarley Charley Barley

    Don't really understand why her hair has gone red…. But other than that, awesome job!

  • Makaeyla

    i love the way she looks as a vampire she looks better than she did human

  • twlightlover

    I agree, whoever took the time to do this did a great job, and let's just remember that her eyes will be red at first (because of the bags of human blood that she had while pregnant.)
    Also I love that she is pale that's how I always thought they were supposed to look.

  • Michele

    The artwork is OUTSTANDING and your interpretation of the character is flawless! People are going to be critical! Whoever did the work is very talented, PERIOD! Great Job!


    shes still a BITCH …… FUCKIN HATE HER SHES A FUCKIN BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    SHES A GAY ASS BITCH FUCK U KRISTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aprincessblossom

    Cute<3<3 can't wait

  • GullfiskenGunda

    Aaah! Her new hair color is like mine! Love it! :)

  • Guest

    I think the first pics are beautiful but the second one is a little dark with too much pink color in it.

  • kirasgirly

    It may just be the posters, i noticed that many of the posters made all the characters look a little off. Then in the movie it was alright. The fan art looks a bit strange…i think it might be because the hair looks way too red. As for the poster, yes a bit paler than normal.



  • Midnightrose_21

    i think bella will be gorgeous in her vampire state….im lucky i have such a good husband cuz i have everything imaginable for the saga lol….cant wait for november!!!!

  • Hckyss11


  • eddy

    yes bella great:) but it is too late on the film's representation. I can not wait already:(

  • Safiraprincesa

    I think the red background is making the red eyes and hair look worse in the pictures then it will in the movie. The red eyes and hair look good, but what everyone is seeing is all red and a white bella. Wait til u c her in the movie b4 u bash her and judge the photos. Fans did these pics not the makeup artists.

  • Rockerchickpoo

    she doesnt have brown eyes in real life anyway. she wears brown contacts for the film

  • loubear86

    stop saying negative comments you dont like her dont post simples omg poeple need get a life shes a vampie a new born they are supposed to look like that get over it you would know if youve seen all the films jesus i like her new look!!!!! and a great ACTRESS for the part

  • loubear86

    get a life dont post on here you either like her or dont if you dont get off the site

  • Vanessa Aguayo

    calm down you guys this is FAN ART. not how she's actually going to look in the movie.

  • Jessie301096

    Woooow She looks amazing :D Love her eyes

  • jessica

    Kristen is not a great actress.. Through all the movies she has such lil emotions.. U would expect better acting from someone who has been acting since a young age.. Dont get me wrong i love the movies and the books.. but she wasnt rite for bella..

  • Laveniaputnam

    She is beautiful and will make an awesome vampire….the experts know what they are doing…..just wish they would make about 5 more movies…..really hate to see it end!!!….CherokeeMama45

  • RobPatz<3

    Oh god I wish I was Kristen Stewart-.-<3

  • scotty

    anyone get annoyed when they left it at that end where she opens her eyes and there are blood red? grrr

  • Jadierocks3

    I wish they would make more movies about the vampire family…….With the baby how she grows!!!

  • linda

    I thought there wasn't going a part 2 so what is up with that! I hope that there will be another I felt left hanging on part 1.

  • Mharticuan

    i love twilight..

  • Paigeem


  • HayBre

    Bella is beautiful anyway but vampire Bella is stunning absolutely gorgeous

  • Boo92778

    I don't think her hair looks red its more of a golden brown its beautiful, this picture is really good

  • AmyLM7

    The first one is the best!

  • Storm_bougie

    What's with the ginger hair?

  • http://twitter.com/Violinist_Jmy Jamie

    These photoshopped pictures look fake and unbelievable. :/

  • cameron

    shes hotttttttttttt i can't waite to see the second part of breaking dawn the dvd for part one will be available in stores on vd awesome

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