The Twilight Saga cast hits the Warner Brothers & InStyle Golden Globes After Party

Jackson Rathbone, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Jack Huston and Julia Jones were all in attendance at the 13th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe Awards After Party on Sunday, January 15 in Beverly Hills.

Sources: Zimbio, TTS

  • Asheely23

    i can't wait for braking dawn to cum out on movie and then for part 2 that needs to happen soon but won't

  • Lisamoores52

    part 2 come out nov.16 2012

  • Violett7

    Maybe you can learn to spell like a decent person too Asheely….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3BYZHLHM77ZPWHESTUKMRLSTQ Tanya

    well we only got a little over 20 days until breaking dawn pt. 1 comes out on dvd and then 10 months and 30 days until breaking dawn pt. 2 comes out! wish it would hurry up but sooo not ready for it to be over :(

  • kierstan

    i also do not want it to be over

  • Sandycat53

    i am so looking forward to being able to get the d.v.d for breaking dawnpt1 and then the wait for part2 to come out in november but sad that it will be the end!

  • Piri487

    well baby also in 20  days we're gonna see the first breaking dawn part 2 officcial trailer, I'm very excited and feel very anxious =)

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