Diane Kruger joins ‘The Host’ film as the Seeker

Deadline is reporting that actress Diane Kruger is in talks to play the Seeker in the film adapation of Stephenie Meyer’s book The Host, directed by Andrew Niccol!

Diane Kruger is negotiating to star alongside Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel in The Host, the Andrew Niccol-directed adaptation of the Stephenie Meyer science fiction novel. The film takes place at a time when a parasitic alien species called The Souls has just about wiped out the human population. The Inglourious Basterds star will play The Seeker, who is charged with overseeing the conversion of a young rebel soldier (Ronan) whose consciousness has been infiltrated by Wanderer, a soul that has taken control of bodies and minds but who is daunted by the young human’s spirit — and obsessed with the memories of her boyfriend and her brother — and sets out to track them down. The Seeker pursues her, knowing that the conversion of the rebel will lead to the discovery and eradication of the rebel movement.

  • http://twitter.com/ProudTwiHard Stacey Steele

    It's not Ronan, it's Melanie!

  • http://twitter.com/ProudTwiHard Stacey Steele

    It's not Ronan; it's Melanie!

  • Stacey (AKA Aubrey)

    Ronan is the last name of the actress playing Melanie.

  • Rach1550

    Does anyone else think that Sam Elliot would be perfect to play Jeb?

  • TPolTucker29

    The Seeker never went by that name, the “hosts” body is Melanie Stryker, the “host” went by a diff name altogether, NOT RONAN. Get it right

  • Camille

    I couldn't even finish the book I hated it so much. Can't believe they're making a movie of it!

  • Raven

    Ronan is the actress who's gonna play Melanie

  • TPolTucker29

    Oh no, sorry didn't read it right, the actress' last name is Ronan, 

  • Ceilon

    I believe they mean that Ronan is the actress playing her…

  • JESN18

    Ronan is the last name of the actress playing Melanie. Sheesh don't have a fucking cow.

  • jenB

    William Hurt is playing Jeb.

  • Rjv626

    OMG you people are retarded, they're referencing the actress not the character…JesusHChrist

  • jwaifjeairoeajr'gm

    FACEDESK. Ronan is in parentheses because that is the actress who plays her.

  • Eternalsailors

    Where did they get Ronan. It doesnt even make any sense. Melanie wasnt rebeling againstvanyone any way she was just trying to survive. God sometimes pp are stupid

  • http://twitter.com/xJenny19x Jenny Stannard

    I adore the host, I like it more then the twilight saga! So excited! Can't wait for it to start filming and then its release! <3

  • http://twitter.com/misseswhitlock Shelbie Lyn

    Sam Elliot will always be a cowboy to me…I think William Hurt, with his facial hair, is perfect. Exactly like what I pictured in my head.

  • Youllneverknow

    hahaha!  You guys are funny!  ”It's not Ronan!  It's Melanie…It's not Ronan!  Its Melanie”  LOL!

  • i<3 Ian

    Evangeline Lilly would be a much better Melanie, Ronan isn't tough enough to be Melanie.

  • JLWilliams73

    I agree that Evangaline Lily would make a perfect Melanie. I like the idea of Sam Elliot as Jeb too. How about Taylor lautner as the boyfriend or the Brother? Or even the guy the “Host” ends up with?

  • Manda

    I adore Ian!!!

  • Lpblondie23

    Oh for the love! The actresses who is playing Melanie Stryder has the last name Ronan!

  • Lpblondie23


  • Lhandley777

    some of you's are kinda dumb…Ronan is the first name of the actess who is playing Melanie.

  • TrickyPixie

    does anyone know who Max Irons and Jake Abel are playing?? Only one of them can be Jarred….and i can't see either of them being Jamie, they look too old…

  • guest

    does anyone remember that the seeker is supposed to be black? I was expecting things like that!! It is about The Seeker.

  • Milana5532

    WHATTTTTT!!!!! i did not imagine saoirse ronan to be Melanie!!!!!! i imagiend her older with darker longer, wavier hair!!! and for the Seeker, i imagined an asian with a bobby hairstyle!!! and beedy eyes. sort of like that short woman with black hair from the disney movie The Incredibles!!!

  • Rjaykay

    I just finished reading this book today!! I am looking forward to seeing the movie!!

  • Rjaykay

    Hmm, just googled this Saoirse Ronan…does not look like I imagined Melanie AT ALL!!

  • Sazzle8519

    Why ronan?? I don't understand. Her names melanie in the book. What's wrong with that?? Now I'm worried what they are gonna do with one of my favourite books. If they ruin it I'm gonna be angry. It could be such a good movie if they just STICK TO THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dalestewart1973

    That's how I had imagined her too. But not skinny, I pictures her a bit on the chubby side. Definetly NOT to look like Diane Krugger.

  • Dalestewart1973

    I think Saoirse Ronan is an amazing actress, but definetly not what I had imagined as Melanie. I agree that Evangeline Lily or Odette Anabelle (she plays Dr Jessica Adams on House) would be perfect as Melanie.

  • Qaisqandahari

    shut up u all just say i love u diane kruger

  • Melissa

    Melanie's seeker in the book is dark hair and olive skinned though and very small in stature. I was looking forward to the Melanie-seeker showdown in the caves.With Mel being taller and more kind then the mean little seeker lol

  • Afowdy1003

    There are many people on this page who need to take a reading comprehension course.

  • Rose

    Joe Manganiello its perfect to play as jared

  • Rose

    An the boy who plays in the Iron Gigants can be perfect to be Jamie

  • Kerry

    Even the fans can't get it right!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6X4A2QXLT3WY4SG67O3HMSK3VM SANA

    Ian Somerhalder would be perfect as 'Ian' and Jared Padalecki perfect as..well…'Jared!' :)

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