EXCLUSIVE: Celeb stylist Rachel Zoe talks ‘Twilight’, Robert Pattinson, and more!

We’ve started a new series here at Team-Twilight where we talk to famous Twilight fans and get to know why they love the series! If you missed last month when we talked to Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, be sure to read it here. This month, we are very excited to bring you celeb stylist extraordinaire and TV personality Rachel Zoe! Rachel has not been shy about professing her Twilight love publicly. We are excited to chat with her about it!

You’ve spoken publicly about your love for Twilight. What is it about the series that you love so much?
I would say that you completely lose yourself in the purest form of romance. It’s the first time in so long that you get to see such a strong love, and get so caught up in it without any of the physicality

You’ve also been outspoken about your crush on Robert Pattinson. Have you gotten to meet him yet?
No, I have not met Rob. But, I have many mutual friends and have heard nothing but the loveliest things about him. I think he’s a very talented actor and would love to meet him in the future.

If you could style any of the Twilight cast, who would you pick and why?
Bella and Edward — I would love to dress them as a couple because I think that’s always fun.

If you had to pick: Twilight books or movies?
Movies, because I’m an extremely visual person. I actually read the books after the movies, which was fun because I could see Kristen and Robert as Bella and Edward.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Edward, obvi.

You’ve said you came THIS close to naming your son Cullen. What did your husband think of that? How does he feel about your Twilight obsession?
My husband thinks my obsession is weird and twisted — I Can’t help it. The name, Cullen, was a close contender, but Rodger thought naming our son after a Twilight character would have been mean to do to Skyler.

Have you ever read any Twilight fan sites?
If only I had more hours in the day! …I would obviously read Team-Twilight.

~Interviewed by Lindsay

Thanks SO much to Rachel for taking the time to talk some Twilight with us! Check out previous posts about Rachel on our site here! Also, sign up for The Zoe Report!

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  • Alice Is Team Edward X x x

    Who doesn't have a crush on Rob! ;)

  • ae8103


  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I just love Rachel Zoe, and now I have another reason. She's a Twi-hard just like us.

  • Tessa

    Now I don't feel so weird…!

  • Alyssa (twiheart)

    when i am older i am gonna name my kids after people from twilight my daughters name will be Esme rose and my sons name will be Edward jacob and his nickname will be ejay im team bella i love edward and jacob they both are sooooo hot

  • i love Rob

    Who doesnt LOVE Rob !! Just Started to watch pretty little liars and is enjoying it so much !!!!!!! xoxo

  • #1twilighter

    Who doesn't love Rob? later when i'm older my child would be named Edward Jacob if it's a boy and if its a girl Bella Rosalie! i love them!

  • Ana_moon

    lolllll i agreed with you kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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