‘Twilight’ Related Oscar Nominations Announced!

It’s that time of year..Oscar nominations were announced this morning! Here are some of the Twilight related cast member nominations. Head over to The Examiner to read more!

For starters, in the Best Picture category, two Twilight castmate films were picked – The Help, which stars Bryce Dallas Howard (“Victoria” in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), and Midnight In Paris, which stars Michael Sheen (“Aro” – Volturi). Midnight In Paris also received several other nominations, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

Gil Birmingham’s Rango (he voiced the character “Wounded Bird” for the film), meanwhile, was nominated for Best Animated Feature. That’s about as good as it can get with these animated pictures, so congrats to Gil and the whole Rango team.

Next up, actor Demian Bichir was nominated for Best Actor for his work in Summit Entertainment’s A Better Life – a film which was directed by The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz.

  • Lindsey

    breaking dawn should be nominated

  • http://twitter.com/Tiannas_Cafe Juile

    Breaking Dawn will never be nominated. The Academy doesn't even look at these types of films. Even if it did, it was released too late in the year to be considered for this year's awards. That's why you didn't see it at the People's Choice Awards. It will be at next years People's Choice.

  • Well…

    Kinda sounds like that game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. What do they have against Rob? Jealous maybe?

  • Nannerbug

    Twilight will never be nominated because Twilight is a joke of a film. The Academy looks at films that deserve it, not poorly written and casted (Kristen Stewart) teenage cash-trap.

  • Kim Smith

    Twilight is NOT a joke of a movie. You obviously have no taste.

  • Sammie B

    I don't feel twilight is a joke film but Kristen sure is a joke actor!!! And as much as I like the other actors in the movie it's not like this movie would be picked for best actor of anything. Lol

  • Jordash

    That is not correct that BD part 1 was released late. The Iron Lady which is nominated was only released on Jan 13 2012…Unfortunitly BD is not the type of movie that they would give an oscar to….. :(

  • Ywalle

    Twilight is better than any other movies and books conbined!!!! <3

  • Let's be realistic…

    Twilight Saga Lovers…Honestly, none of the Twilight moves are or will be Oscar worthy…I give it credit, It's a good story, it has been a huge hit (I'm a fan too) but sorry to say, it does have crappy actors (Kristen tops the list)

  • Cicci97

    As a fan I know that there is no point in defending twilight and saying that it's a great movie. Some people like it, some people don't, that's way life is.

    But I do think saying that Kristen is crappy actor is a bit wrong. She's perfect for the role of Bella, she plays it just right. That's the way Bella is according to the books. And Kristen has made many other great movies where she also does a very good job. She is casted for the roles that she fits for, that's the way it works. I mean, we can't demand that Lady gaga stars preforming heavy metal, can we?

  • rads279

    yup..BD1 was pretty critized in india..but still i watched it..

  • red

    ♫ Nannerbug:

      If you don't have anything nice to say about BD and KStew…Just shut up! You are just KStew envy…Most probably because you are ugly!

  • Sxystar41

    Im a huge Twi-hard, but no way is it worth an oscar nomination…sorry

  • Sxystar41

    How old are you like 12 ? Im a Twilight fan.. but no way is Twilight saga better than any Shakespearean plays. You need to go to the library and borrow true literature books.

  • justmeforever

    k… i agree with u on d fact that twilight is not d best book on earth bt seriously…? “SHAKESPERE”.?????????????????????????

  • Shalini Singh

    Totally Correct ……….

  • Qaisqandahari


  • Hayley

    If she was a 'Joke actress' then she wouldnt have been casted?
    Loads of girls auditioned for the part and she got it?
    I'm not an amazing fan of hers but she still gave it her best shot and made 4 films that SOME people love.

  • Hayley

    I love the films <3
    And the Actors :)
    Yeah it may not be Oscar worthy but its still amazing in my view.

  • Marisa

    The Iron Lady counted because it had a limited run in probably New York and LA before the end of the year which is the only real rule about what is considered for the Oscars.  It's not about when a movie is released in wide release.

  • LaurieStarr888

    If you can not say nice things about  Twilight, Why come to these sites. You Haters……… FUCK OFF & GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!

  • Sineads

    Movies like Twilight and Harry potter will never win an Oscar because because it is mostley amied at teenage girls.

  • Sinead Malfoy -Black

    Harry potter was not Nominations for an  Oscar so Twilight  has no change. I like both Twilight and Harry potter but unfortunately flims like that will never get an Oscar Nomination.

  • Kally

    I am just surprised that none of the music has been nominated.

  • Checky4_weard

    i think breaking dawn part 1 shold have announced an so shold have jaocb have u see these ass he looks  so good

  • Sxystar41

    Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time. Stephanie stated that Twilight was influenced from Shakespeare's play “A Mid-summer's Night”. LOL…
    I was just using him as an example…. :)

  • Anne

    The Oscars are not based on looks, but the actor's performance. Your an idiot!

  • small_world

    I think she's a horrible Bella and did it all wrong but it's like you said… some like it, some don't, that's the way it is and nobody is entitled to put one final correct label on it.

  • sophie

    We know that maybe it won´t resive a Oscar award becouse is not the kinda of movie that get them but why the hell you say kristen is a crappy actor are you out of your mind?? she does this role perfect and she has done many other roles in a very good way too!!

  • Ywalle

    I am not twelve and love literature, too. & twilight is modern unlike Shakespeare…

  • Sxystar41

    Really ? Shakespeare wrote a love story called ” Romeo and Juliet” about two star crossed lovers…. 400 years old ago.. heard it ?  Doesn't that sound familiar to a story plot called Twilight…. about two star cross lovers that can't be together because one is a vampire and the other lover is human. Except, Twilight nobody  dies and everybody gets what they want… unlike Romeo and Juliet, where everyone dies..  I'm not trying to bash Twilight and I love the series, but similiar plot from the original love story.

  • http://www.team-twilight.com Nico Sanchez

    people that enter into these sites and start talking crappy things about twilight are so stupid! god! get a life!

  • Hannahmurphy3000

    I love the twilight movies and saga I love all the cast members and I think it should win an oscar award I dont care about others opinions and im sorry if you dont like mine but thats how I feel……….SO GO TWILIGHT OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RD

    Personally, it's the fact  that the kovie puts WAY too much emphasis on shirtless buff guys to be nominated. If that's all the movie seems to have going for it, its not going to be picked. I love both the books Twilight and Harry Potter, but if you look at just the movies for plot and effects and acting, Harry Potter beats.

  • Queennana10

    I have seen Kristen in other movies and she is a wonderful actress. I agree some like Twilight some don't. I already marked November 16, 2012 off at work on our calendar for Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 and all of my co-workers know why I have marked it off!!!!

  • Lisa

    Okay guys, we all know Twilight will never be nominated for the Oscars, but you can't say that the actors are bad. The actors perfectly fit in their roles, so why say they aren't good in their job? They do well in other movies too! And yeah, Twilight isn't a movie that will be nominated for the Oscars, but that's because the Oscars have a line to follow. They don't go for romantic movies, unfortunately. Twihards, no need to be depressed. And for the ones whoe don't understand why the Twilight Saga has such a huge fan base: We love the Twilight Saga because of the extremely deep and unnegotiable love between Edward and Bella, not because Taylor Lautner has a hot sixpack or Rpatz is handsome (well, it's not the main reason ;p). Twilight forever, and Oscar or no Oscar, we'll never give up Twilight.

  • Thebarbiegirl

    Read the books

  • crit

    Perhaps you should take your own advice.

  • crit

    Perhaps you should take your own advice otherwise you'll just make yourself look like a hypocrite.

  • crit

    That is the problem isn't it? There is a major difference between saying “you think it should win an oscar award because you like the film a lot” and “you think it should win an oscar because you think it is a well made film.” There is also a major difference between, “thinking a film is well made” and “actually knowing that the film is well made”. The Academy Awards aren't based on like and dislike, so please don't digrade it to such.

  • ickle

    at least twilight movies are better than the artist & slumdog millionaire.yeah on that basis they deserve the oscars for sure.

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