Happy Birthday Charlie Bewley!

Happy birthday Charlie!!

We at TEAM TWILIGHT hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Lindsay, Angie, Jmac, Ashley, She, Arianna, and Megan

  • jennifer

    Happy Birthday Charlie :)

  • http://twitter.com/MissVictoria_B MissVictoria

    Happy Birthday Charlie !!

  • iloveurob

    Happy Birthday Charlie !!!! xxxx :)

  • Bichamongstus

    happy birthday xx

  • Estelle

    Joyeux Anniversaire Charile ;)

  • Easha


  • Charlotte Cooper

    have a very happy birthday, charley !

  • Becky

    Happy Birthday Charlie!  Have a good one!

  • camilo arias

    feliz cumpleaños!!!! :)

  • Octobersweety42

    Happy Birthday, Charlie, I loved you as Demitri, you're a great actor, and adorable person, if I had a daughter your age, I would love to see you with her…. lol…. just have a great day and GBU

  • iluvedward<3

    happy birthday bbe

  • Kristyningold

    Happy Birthday Charlie. I Hope It Is A Good One.

  • Eddodajjal

    happy brith day charlie…

  • Sylvie St.Louis

    We share the same Birthday… Happy Birthday Charlie Bewley!!!

  • Jennifer

    Happy B-day Charlie!!!  Hope you have a great one!!!

  • Drivingmissangel2010

    Happy Birthday Charlie :)

  • Ruby Rose4444

    happy birthday mate :D

  • bella

    happy b-day i hope u go out to night and have fun

  • kristy

    omg who does he play as in twilight?

  • Ana_moon

    happy birthday kiss

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