Vote for ‘Twilight’ as Franchise You’re Most Obsessed With

Be sure to head over to Ivillage to vote for Twilight. It is up against Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as the Franchise You’re Most Obsessed With according to Ivillage!

  • Becky

    I also love this scene, Robert is so hot!

  • LilgirlBigfan

    The end of the first movie was so romantic I loved it Edward really loves Bella.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gloria.pennington.7 Gloria Pennington

    YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST FRANCHISE (I'M SO HEARTBROKE IT'S ENDING, MY LOVE & LIFE BELONGS TO ALL THE STARS, CHARACTERS , PRODUCTION! TO THE MOST HEARTFELT LOVE STORY IN MY 62 YEARS OF MOVIE GOING AND LOVE FOR MOVIES AND PASS TIME! OMG ROBERT & TAYLOR you are my peantbutter & marshmallow sandwich and & Kristen I am you…fantasy…except all the pain all of you went through, my poor baby Jacob he finally finds happiness ….All of you….I'll never get enough of youall…because is the whole of the movie …each Stars part…OMG AWESOME IS THE ENDING….I almost had heart attack! Every aspect PERFECT. 1 detail at end I'd rather seen…Taylor phasing back to human with cute cutoffs HUMAN with everyone,else not 4 pawing to the woods with the rest of the Wolves. ! I LOVE YOU better than every other movie and I have a library …I can't believe Robert didn't make sexist man, alive,again…(Channing Tatums) Love you All! SUCCESSFUL ENDEAVORS Tatums in there? I give you A+ , 10 , & 5 STARS!

  • cheyanne

    i think they a so cut together.

  • cheyanne

    i think they look cut together.

  • cheyanne corrington

    i love this move.

  • cheyanne corrington

    i think they are a cut couple in Breaking Dawn part 1 and Breaking Dawn part 2. Breaking Dawn part 2 was so amazing because i got to see the baby.

  • lanilou

    i loooooovvveee TWILIGHT

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