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Be sure to head over to Ivillage to vote for Twilight. It is up against Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as the Franchise You’re Most Obsessed With according to Ivillage!

  • hermione

    That was when you guys made the first movie how cut <3

  • Hannah

    I love this scene in the movie!

  • Sweetiegril16


  • Marianne

    That is one of my favorite parts of that movie.

  • Kbialy11

    The prom was one of the best parts, it's where they knew they were meant for eachother for eterity:)

  • Crystal

    very good part of this movie

  • Saini Delhi7

    I love this movie

  • S_fatima_muqaddas

    it is a very owsum love story….love does,nt need any boundries!!

  • Sadhanabharti 23

    love the movie mwaaaaaaaaaaaah…………….

  • Sadhana

    n love Edward

  • Ana_moon

    i love this part of the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrsknights

    i loved all the film but think the book was much better



  • Debja

    I absolutely agree. I keep replaying after movie has finished. Goosebump heaven

  • Sanet

    i love the movie ,s twilight see it five times oredy

  • NDIAZ1277

    i love this scene!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mryasirnawazkhan

    i want twilight part 5 now :'(

  • Sumabh1974

    me 2!i love her dress and hair !

  • Sumabh1974

    r u a guy ? send a friend request whatsoever.

  • bella

    i love twilight so much so check my blog its mittenkitten715@blogspot.com

  • Christineabreu11

    we love twilight

  • bella
  • Kathleen

    I love the whole idea and the romance, tht makes you wish you were the one going thru all of this. all the movies are awsome. I want more and will keep wanting more of twilight. you couldn't have gotten better actors for this movie. everyone did a great job. thank you for the few hours of feeling I'm there and going through the motions.  thanks everyone, keep up the good work.

  • Tammyswobbe

    i love all the movies i have them all on dvd and cant wait for the last one to come out

  • Princessjermina

    im obsessed with all i jus luv twilight lol!!!

  • Kassi-jo

    I watch twilight almost every night before bed so I'm. Garunteed to have sweet dreams.

  • Lishatepper

    Every time I see anything twilight I get goosebumps… This is one of my favorite scenes from twilight

  • breanna

    taylor is hot i like him

  • Gloriadawnlewis

    TWILIGHT  SAGA  MOVIES RULE!    They are # 1 on all movies….PERIOD!   I' watch most movies and they are the only ones I have never gotten tired of watching OVER & OVER! I love the all of them…especially the main STARS….CULLEN FAMILY ,WOLF FAMILY , CHARIE AND THE VOLTURI ! the other all together make it fit like a perfect puzzle….I can't wait for Nov.16th 2012 premiere  of BREAKING  DAWN  # 2!  Miss S. MYERS …please another movie of Jacobs  happiness  & everyone!

  • Gloriadawnlewis

    Crap I left the m out on them & l on Charlie…oh well  I HAVE DUEL SETS OF EACH MOVIE…just in case one messes up..My house is full of Indian,HORSES & TWILIGHT  decor!

  • Ivyqueenlydner

    Notice how twillight basicly wins EVERYTHING. Why? Because it's the BEST moviebook series. Funny how lame ass harry potter fans hate twilight when it wins like every award. I figured out why the hate it so much, becuae hp never reached the success like twilight did.  People obssess over this thaa most. So FUCK YOU COCK SUCKING HP FANS YOUR SERIES SUCKSS BALLZZZ

  • Rhonda Bierer

    This is Kristens fav. It is the one that got me hooked so I guess I have to give proper tribute to this one. They were all terrific and you can love one without loving them all. So I love them all. The whole cast is famous and I have seen all the actors and actress in several other movies. I think a was a spring board to greatness for all of them. Proud of all you kids and love you all dispite the little tiffs that might have arose during the grueling schedules of making the films. I am sure you are all big enough to get past petty differences. RIGHT! You are all fantastic. Believe me this movie will draw royalties for all of you when your all old men and women. It will go down as a classic shown forever. I have a little Alice in me. I see things before it happens. Go enjoy your lives and enjoy your success. Remember what I said; Rhonda is not wrong very often.

  • Sunny

    i read the books and during the 2nd one i was going thru a hard elationship so it kinda felt like the same thing bella was going thru wen edward decided to leave. The books were awesome the movies are great. They were the best books i've evber read . and everybody is as i pictured them from book to movie.

  • bellarose03

    i know right stupid harry potter

  • bellarose03

    omg i love twilight im going to kis choice awards to see krisan sweart in 2014

  • 13babygirl Nm

    I want #5 to come out already

  • Getnidhi_1110

    lovely couple….

  • Crystal

    I love ALL the twilight movies, From the begining till NOW . The Twilight actors and directors did an amazing job !!!! Congratulations !!!! WOW an amazing job done by all , Especially Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, & Ofcourse Taylor Lautner

  • Laura

    The Books Are Really Good, I Love Twilight!!

  • Gantig_2000

    i love edward kullen

  • Gantig_2000

    twilight is the best movie in the world
    bell and edward are very nice couple
    i love this movie a lot so i will watching twilight sagart5 if i bella i will very very happy kristen is very luck and wonderful

  • ALautner9892

    this story is beautifully written <3

  • http://twitter.com/eilegna97 eilegna caballero

    i love twilight …. it's my drug and im so addicted to it .. i keep on watching the movie and my classmate thinks that im crazy … but it's ok that is the part of me that they could'nt understand …..i hope their would be an edward in my life that will stay with me FOREVER

  • Guest

    please where you buy tickets to the premiere of Twilight 4 part of the second film in France thank you

  • daaviideek20

    please where you buy tickets to the world premiere of Twilight 4 part of the second film in France or the UK thank you info by daaviideek20@seznam.cz

  • http://www.facebook.com/alyson.mika Alyson Mika

    TWILIGHT 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    i love twilight i cant get enough of it i wish my life was just like it i cant wait until breaking dawn part 2 comes out because is ganna be amazing and its on my birthday so im soo excited to see it

  • lovetwilight

    love twilight seen every twilight movie so far

  • robertpatzlover


  • robertpatzlover

    …I wish I had an Edward Cullen :) ;) x

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