Video: Official Promo for ‘Of Light and Darkness’ with Michael Welch

The folks over at Of Light and Darkness have put together a promo for their film, which stars our very own Michael Welch as the not-so-nice elf Aiden. The movie hasn’t been filmed yet, so this teaser was put together ahead of time! The movie is based on the first book in the Vampire’s Daughter series by Shayne Leighton (who also will star in the film!)

YouTube Preview Image
  • Seamonkey

    looks good and I love fantasy!

  • Deanna

    Looks horrible.

  • Horse_lovers_99

    Wow I want to see that of light and darkness so cool. :)

  • Peltolatiinas

    LOVE IT! Awesome can't wait till it comes out and I get a chance to go see it.

  • Lisa

    Looks a little cheesy, I do love Fantasy movies though….

  • Nicolletteisaac

    I'm sorry it looked like a poorly done porno!!!! lol

  • Jean

    Charlotte doesn't look like I expected…..I thought she would be beautiful!

  • Nothing_but_Truth

    The production value is very poor. Thats too bad because the story looks good but the filming look hokey.

  • Candace Charee

    Just so everyone knows!!! This was done in 3 days and for a very small budget! This is not actual footage from the film. It was made as a promo. The feature film will be made for several million, lol we don't start filming the actual movie until later this year.

  • Kit Kat

    well i hope you are right about that…

  • Angerocksathalo


  • http://twitter.com/my_golden_eyes Jennifer Scantling

    OMG, this looks INCREDIBLE!!! I've read the book & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! This promo trailer is exactly how I pictured it to be, even better!! I can't believe that this was filmed in only 3 days & with a small budget!! I can't wait for them to get started filming this movie, it's going to be HUGE!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us Team Twilight!!!

    JerseyJen ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/my_golden_eyes Jennifer Scantling

    3 days & a small budget?!?! Looks AMAZING!!!! Can't wait for the movie!! And Shayne Leighton aka Lottie is so beautiful!!!! Love her hair color & those eyes!! Stunning!! =)

  • Ddawniedo

    Book was Great hope the film is better then the Promo!!!!

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