DailyActor: Joe Anderson Talks About His Upcoming Film ‘The Grey’

Daily Actor was able to sit down with Joe Anderson to talk with him about his upcoming film The Grey. Here is some of that interview!

In Joe Carnahan’s excellent film, The Grey, Joe Anderson plays Flannery, a loudmouth who constantly gets under the skin of his fellow oil-riggers. When their plane goes down, he and the rest of the survivors (Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale, Ben Bray and Nonso Anozie) are forced to work together to fend of packs of wolves hungry for their blood.

I saw The Grey the other night. Freakin’ fantastic film.
Joe Anderson: It’s a fun one. It’s intense, right? But it’s got a lot of heart in there, a lot of heart. It took me by surprise, the script.
Before I read it, I was thinking of kind of a dude’s movie with guys in the snow and fighting wolves and it is but it’s kind of a way more than that. I was kind of really surprised by that.

What was in the script, was that the movie that it turned out to be?
Joe Anderson: Yes, very much so, very much so. But also I know that Joe, Joe was working a lot on the script and as we were shooting, you know, his style is very much… he likes to just make it real.
Sometimes, when you’re observing, I guess as a director, I know for sure as an actor, you see this hole that could be filled or there’s a little clunk there in the scene that could be ironed out with the use of, I don’t know, maybe some additional dialogue here and there. And he’d just throw us stuff every now and then and say, “can you just say that here or say that there?” And with the ease and the confidence that he’s there with, you kind of trust him and believe him 100% and then when you watch the movie, there’s the line that you what you thought of. It’s like you’re cooking. It’s like, “I’ll just add a bit of this. I’ll add a bit of that.” It’s kind of magical to be a part of in that sense without sounding cheesy.

Your character, he adds moments of levity to the early parts of the movie. As an audience member, everyone is tense and on the edge of their seat and then you’ll say something funny.
Joe Anderson: You know, it was an interesting one for me to get my head around to be honest. Because one, you can look at the guy and just sort of find him as an asshole because essentially, he’s that guy. He’s that annoying guy who just shoots to mouth off all the time. He’s young and he’s scared, and he’s that guy.
I think it’s very brave of Joe to write a character who speaks like that and to give that character that screen time where he’s speaking about stuff that, neither here nor there, drives plot. He just lets you know about this guy so that when the shit hits the fan, when you see how each individual character reacts to this situation, I think you have a very true cross section of what it would actually be like.
And I think that you would have guys that are raging against it. You’ll have guys that are out of it completely, that are in denial about the situation. You’ll have the guys that just won’t shut up. So I thought it was totally clever in that sense.

How did you get the part?
Joe Anderson: I went and met Joe and just walked in and he went, “Flannery” and I said, “Okay.” I was like, “Do you want me to read?” and he was like, “No.” Then I went home and they called up and said, “Oh, actually, can you just put something on tape?” And so I just sent them a tape and they were like, “Okay, we’ll see you up in Vancouver.”

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