Video: Watch the Hillywood Show’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 parody!

The Hillywood Show have released their parody for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1! I think my favorite parts are where Jacob is singing. What about you guys?

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There’s also a cool cover of “A Thousand Years” by Tanner Patrick at the end. Hear it here.

  • Kels1335

    i like the part when Kyle and hilly were dancing in his white shirt. Kyle in a suit… and he showed up in the ocean.. and when Kyle ripped his shirt off and slapped hilly's butt. and Kyle's face when hilly drank the blood.

  • Xcodychaosx


  • Sweetwaterjan51

    loved it! so funny. Good job

  • Adriana

    Some of the actors were really good look a likes. Loved it :D so funny

  • Emmaskinny

    excellent love it!!! jacob was so funny!!

  • Sammygal1

    Loved this parody!!

  • Caseycoleman14

    That was soooo Funny and I loved the Married scene and the Honeymoon scene Not he baby Part

  • offu

    because this video i'm team jacob

  • Vampiress1872

    I love it! Very talented group!

  • katrin

    bella can not I live without you I'm your biggest open-air fan and I am 11 years old I love you ♥

  • Rjeanspartyof6

    HAHA, really funny!

  • Gaypiratewitch

    This is pretty lame

  • Jjuarez0916

    Loved it so funny

  • Yvonne

    I loved it, LOL. Jacob was the funniest.

  • Alisona1987

    I agree with you. Rosalie looked the closest to me.

  • Amanda

    Too funny!! Jacob's parts were the funniest!

  • Ira.750

    it was awesome!!!! very very funny. nice work

  • Nabil Ayadhi

    excellent..i loved al scens ..

  • Lorsey_jdgj

    WOW, they recreated the whole movie in ten minutes. I loved it, great job!!!!!

  • Roziel

    niceeeeeeeeeee………………. love it its funny

  • Hannah527

    Ha ha who likes jacob

  • Fati110380

    sooooooo fanny i love it

  • Fatkat282

    hahaha that was great!! but you know what's kind of sad?? that they pretty much sumed up the whole movie in less than 10min lol

  • http://twitter.com/MandaRae28 Amanda Rae Martinez

    He almost just looks like Edward!! Hahaha this is awesome! :D

  • Shan7861994

    I loved it

  • dnss0001

    xDDDDD awesome ! 

  • isabella 21

    oooh ok was this a joke or what ?? i saw the other 3 they were good this 1 its a joke it wasent long enough and it should off been a little longer and jacob on here i have to say is way better this edward is not the same as the other edward on the other 3 they were way better i just find this 1 a joke sorry but yes it was alright but i saw the others way better newmoon and eclipse was way better!!! please make the last 1 better :(

  • Tdr216

    personally I don't like it because I am actually a serious Twilight fan.

  • Tdr216

    Personally I don't like it. I take Twilight serious, how could you consider yourself a “fan” if you like things that are making fun of the movies?

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