Yahoo! Hosting a ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Contest to Meet the Cast!

Yahoo! is hosting a Breaking Dawn – Part 2 contest to meet the cast!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s cast size is probably double that of any of the previous installments, so there are a lot of people we will get to know over the next few months for their involvement with the film.

You’ve already put names with faces, of course, thanks to this slideshow, but now Yahoo! is offering Twilight fans an opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 cast.

Read more about the contest and how to enter here.

Source: Twilight Examiner


  • Kymmie59

    When does part 2 come out?

  • Plswan21

    13th or 14th of this month hun :) can't wait x

  • Tiff

    The dvd for part of part 1 comes out on the 10th part 2 doesnt come out til November 16th in theatres

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EHEGDRBD6HEB3VACO4IHEQMB3M Stephanie Williams

    wow i cant wait for it to come out

  • sekera

    hola C: que dia se estrena la 2da parte en mexico?

  • Helen

    i cant wait 2 c the brecking dawn part 2  

  • Loredana

    HI my name is Loredana it is my dream to meet the twilight cast, but more happy to meet Robert Pattinson i have never won anything in my life hope i get the chance to meet Robert Pattinson.


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