‘A Better Life’ star Demian Bichir talks Chris Weitz and auditioning for ‘New Moon’

Demian Bichir is the star of Chris Weitz’s film A Better Life, and receive an oscar nomination for the role! In a new interview with Collider, Bichir tells how he met Chris Weitz at an audition for New Moon!

Hadn’t you met with Chris Weitz a few years prior to making this film?

BICHIR: It was not so many years back, but I got a call from my agents saying that I had an audition for New Moon. It was not in my plans to become a vampire, but I wanted to meet Chris Weitz. So, I went to talk to him and I remember that we started talking about this gardener. He started telling me everything about this story about an undocumented worker, and I just couldn’t get it straight. I thought it was a gardener vampire, or something like that. I was a little bit confused. And then, he told me, “We don’t have a script yet, but I’d like you to read it, as soon as we have it ready.” A year later, I got ahold of the script and I fell in love with it instantly.

Read the full interview here.

  • Lovely_rita20

    jajaja no me imagino a Demian Bichir como vampiro XD

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