Charlie Bewley lands part in EuropaCorps ‘Intersection’

Looks like Charlie Bewley has been cast in EuropaCorps new movie Intersection directed by David Marconi.

According to Deadline :

Paris-based Europa is currently in production on the thriller that Marconi also penned. Frank Grillo, who’s been making a name for himself with recent turns in The GreyWarrior and the upcoming Gangster Squad, stars alongside Roschdy Zem (Days Of Glory); Marie-Josée Croze (Tell No One,The Diving Bell And The Butterfly); and Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri in theTwilight movies. The story centers on a rich and beautiful couple on their honeymoon in Morocco. After escaping a deadly multi-car pileup at a desert intersection, the group of survivors — including a wanted smuggler, an undercover cop, a kidnapper, a baby and an unconscious Australian — embark on a journey of deceit and revelation that culminates in a Tangiers souk. Delivery is for fourth quarter this year.

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  • PeteStamp

    hasn't the name intersection already been used for a film ?

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