Studio: Sixth Twilight film will happen if Stephenie Meyer writes another book

Now that the Lionsgate acquisition of Summit is complete, the studio has started talking about if Twilight will continue. Rob Friedman has stated that if Stephenie Meyer chooses to write an additional Twilight book, then the studio is on board to make a sixth film in the franchise.

“If she (Meyer) wishes to do it, we’ll be there to support her” with a sixth film, said Friedman, who now runs the Lionsgate movie division with Patrick Wachsberger after the duo sold Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the Twilight franchise, to Lionsgate in January as part of a $412.5 million leveraged buy-out.

In addition, if I’m reading this correctly, it looks like we are getting our Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer in front of Hunger Games when it releases in March.

For example, the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will debut on every Hunger Games print on its theatrical opening on March 23 – Lionsgate’s largest ever theatrical release.

  • Donlynn4

    I hope Mrs Meyer writes and makes more movies about Twilight. We all around the world want
    To know what's going to happen down the line with the culling and Jacob and Renasma.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRWCYNKYNQTUZ62GP3SJYIUSQU ℜ₳₦₳ €ℓ-₳ℛ₳฿¥

    If she writes another book about Jacob & Renesmee, the movie will be amazing.
    Hope she writes…

  • Karrenm28

    id realy like stephanie to keep writing the twilight series , im realy excited for Midnight sun, however i cant wait to read about renesmee and how she grows! i for one would  b sooo sad if the story just ends! vampires are forever and so should the books be :)

  • Alice

    plz plz finish midnight sun and write another it would be great,great,great i love the twilight movies and books who doesent

  • sare

    I think Stephenie Meyer should rewrite the Twilight series from Jacobs perspective, i think it would be really cool to read what he thinks.

  • Cassie

    I think a movie about Jaspar and Alice would be rich as they each have interesting and detailed stories

  • mrs cullen!

    Back in 2008 Stephenie herself promised on her own website that after breaking dawn (the book) was released she would finish midnight sun! That was 4 years ago all books and films have now been released so let's hope she sticks by what she says.

  • chonchii

    yea they should make a movie of Jacob and Renesmee it would be good

  • Jordan

    Stephanie please finish midnight sun so lions gate will make it into a movie, if you decide to make it into a movie I will be there to support you!!!!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to see what happens to Jacob and the baby.P.S just watched breaking dawn part 2 last night and I LOVED it. Great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    Stephanie please finish midnight sun because all these haters are cursing on your website

  • Stacey

    I have really got into twilight and I want to buy the books I really hope she wrights another book and would them to make a film out of it plzzzzzzz

  • turky283

    i hope a new twilight comes out i love the movies

  • olivia

    I think there should be a new twilight cuz the showed jacods and bellas daughters feature together so they have too

  • bethany

    she should write a book like 20 years later and have ness and jacob edward and bella

  • ashlie

    i think she should at list do one more were renesmee and jacob get togather and gets prago and thin the end they should all die couse if they dont die every one will still wont more and wonder what happins next and i think if u wont to stop the twilight movies that would be a good ending were every one dies i mine i dont wont it to end but if she is rady to move on to other stoff thin twilight thats how it should end and not liveing us gaseing on what happins next

  • JEZU

    please write a book and it also has a movie, if you take the book all my friends and I are going to buy it and my family that almost everyone likes this piece and piece book saga, please, please write that book! TE LO RUEGO, TE LO SUPLICO, I BEG!!!

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