Julia Jones talks her character and Breaking Dawn with the Examiner

The Examiner got a chance to catch up with Julia Jones while she was in Boston doing promotions for the release of Breaking Dawn part 1, where she opened up about her character,  and Breaking Dawn .

Here’s an excerpt from the interview :

Massachusetts native Julia Jones was in Boston yesterday to promote the DVD release of her film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The film hits DVD and Blu-ray on February 11th and the actress, who plays Leah Clearwater in the franchise, talked about the films, its fans and what else we can expect from her in the future.

The books and films have created its own little fandom called Twihards, die hard fans of Twilight. And just like anything with a huge following, the series does have its haters. I asked the actress what it’s like to be in such a polarizing series, Julia Jones, “You are so much more aware of the Twihards and I think that’s one of the most unique parts of the experience to be part of something people feel so passionately about. There’s this energy you take with you that’s pretty powerful. Those premieres, that’s when it hits me the most or like when you’re far away in another country.” Twihards can be pretty out there and I asked her what the oddest thing she’s seen a fan do, if someone has ever dressed up as her character. Julia, “Someone just sent me a picture, I just started tweeting recently, and someone sent me a picture of their daughter dressed as my character for Halloween. It was so cute, she was so cute. I think the craziest costume I saw was this woman dressed in a nightgown, if you have seen the movie, you’ll understand, and she painted bruises all over her and had feathers stuck to her body everywhere so she was like Bella, the morning after.”

Julia Jones came into the Twilight franchise in the third movie Eclipse. The first two films, Twilight and New Moon were monster hits at the box office. She talked about what it was like coming into an already established franchise, Julia, “It was surreal because there is just no way to know what you are getting into because it is such a unique thing. When I was cast, it felt huge, but I had no idea what that meant in the ways my life would change. It was kinda scary, but that subsided once I got to set and met everybody. They were like hey this is the deal we are all in this together. We kinda operated like a family.” On the differences the second time around, coming in forBreaking Dawn, “It was easier in a lot of ways because the big thing was you already had found your character. You already gotten into her, played her before so there was a lot of confidence. The most scary part was when you’re first doing the film, you’re terrified of the fans. They all have this idea of what this character is like so are they going to accept you or reject you or hate you for ruining their favorite characters and their favorite books. That was a fear. I remember watching Eclipse for the first time before it came out and I was very nauseous because I realized, wait this is coming out, fans are going to be able to judge this. What if they hate it? As an actor you get a script, you get a character and you make it your own. When you’re playing a character based on a book, a wildly popular book, you’re playing a character that belongs to the world. That’s daunting.”

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