Interview with The Twilight Saga’s Booboo Stewart

Check out this interview with Booboo. He talks about filming Breaking Dawn and more.

Booboo took out some time to sit down with Media Mikes during his press tour for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1″ Blu-ray and chatted about his role in the series and what else he has planned upcoming.

Mike Gencarelli: What would you say has been the coolest thing that has happened to you since joining “The Twilight Saga”?
Booboo Stewart: Well there has been some really cool things…but I think the best part has been the fans. They make you these really cool handmade bracelets and in my room, my mom put these hooks up and I’ve got a bunch of them. Fans are able to send them to me via my PO Box and I’ll wear them in magazines and stuff like that. They are able to see me wearing them and I think that is really cool.

MG: I was watching some of the special features on the “Breaking Dawn- Part 1″ Blu-ray and what was you say was the most challenging aspect of that shoot?
BS: The beach scene was soooooo cold. Everyone was wearing these huge jackets and I was sitting there with my shirt off freezing. I remember that any of the shots that were above my waist, I had blankets, sweatpants, shoes…it was freezing.

MG: What can we expect from “Breaking Dawn- Part 2″?
BS: I can’t give too much away obvious, even
though its a book and all. You get to meet a lot of new characters in the second movie. During filming actually, it very hard to tell who was in which film. I can’t imagine for the AD and makeup people trying to figure out who was who. There were so many cast members on set at the same time, since they were filming two movies.

MG: “Breaking Dawn- Part 2″ looks to amp up the action from “Part 1″, how was the production?
BS: Since I starting with “Eclipse”, I think just having the different directors on set changes the whole vibe. For the short time I was there for “Eclipse”, David Slade was very technical and he knew what he wanted. When I got to work with Bill Condon, I worked with him a lot more and more personally as well. He was more of an actor’s director. He would talk to you and figure out what you are thinking in a scene and what you character was going through. This was also with everyone, didn’t matter the size of your role. So that was really different.

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