Casey LaBow talks prep for her role as Kate Denali

Casey LaBow talks with About.com in a new interview about getting the role of Kate of the Denali Coven in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2, and about how she prepared for the role! Check it out below.

How did you get yourself physically prepared to play Kate?

Casey LaBow: “I actually did a lot of boxing. And then when we got there, there was some stunt training. They brought us in separately – it wasn’t all at once. They have to teach you moves.”

Did you come up with much of a backstory for Kate to figure out who she is?

Casey LaBow: “I did. I did some of my own and then when MyAnna Buring arrived, she and I got to sit down and talk about it. We did a lot together, which was really nice. And she and I had a really great connection which helped in the portrayal of sisters who’ve been together for a very long time. But, you know, I researched a lot about where she came from and did some brief historical overview of the centuries that she lived through.”

Was there anything you figured out in your backstory that we made not have known about Kate that you think is kind of interesting?

Casey LaBow: “That’s a tough one. Sometimes those are your little secrets as an actor that you don’t want to share, but I will say that being that Kate, Irina and Tanya were the original succubi – the original man-eaters – that there was some fun to be had with that backstory.”

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  • Aliesme

    Awessome!  Kate was one of my favorites…right up there with Sienna and Zenna!  Cannot wait – 177 more days!

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