Chula Vista Interview with Casey LaBow

Hi Casey, you are adorable!

Oh, thanks so much.

Wow, so striking. So, okay I was thinking you’ve been asked the same questions from the press so I thought we would do something different. I have questions from three young ladies that are huge fans. There is Stephanie, Adriene and Pam.

Are you serious? Oh my gosh, this is an incredible treat for me! This is so cute!

Oh I’m so glad you are in!  From Pam, she asks, “What made her want to play Kate?”

Oddly enough, we did not when I went in to audition didn’t know which part we were auditioning for. We were also given fake scenes. Kate descended from the sky for me. I went through very arduous auditions and it was intense.

Did you know that whole time it was the role of Kate?

I knew that it was to play one of the Russians sisters but I didn’t know which one.

How was that for you not knowing?


This is from Adriene, she has a couple of questions – the first is, how did you feel about working with the cast?

At first I was super intimidated, really. I totally was. You’re walking into this preexisting family. They’ve already done three films and there is a bunch of other new people. Some people were not phased but I was intimidated. But after three or four days of getting to know everyone I was just over the moon. They totally made me comfortable. The new cast, basically the Denali people, I love all of them so much. We are so close. I still see them and still hang out with them. We all really bonded and had a really lovely connection with each other.

What is your favorite scene?

Oh it’s coming up in Part Two and I can’t tell you about it.

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