Christina Perri performs “A Thousand Years” on Live with Kelly

Christina Perri was on Live with Kelly yesterday where she performed her Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack song “A Thousand Years” live! Check out the performance below. LOVE this song!

YouTube Preview Image

Via Spunk_Ransom

  • Manar6_2010

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lve this song

  • Frankienubs

    I love this song and I love Christina Perri but this wasnt a very good performance :(

  • Guest

    Love this song not her live. She sounds awfullll

  • maggie

    i love this song but it seems like she's off key….

  • bibou


  • dani nurdiansyah

    beautiful song n singer..

  • Gerry DeCesare

    Love this song.

  • pago25

    i love this   its romantik pur

  • Guest

    love this song. so cool that she has a twilight tattoo!

  • Sweetluvx10

    Why are people critical? It was a live performance backed up by two people. It was supposed to be short and intimate! I thought it was fantastic! Great job Christina! I love your music and album!

  • Love_pets13

    The guy in the back is the one who seems to make it even worst! I love this song! :)

  • Tara Carriere

    I think this is the perfect wedding song! Absolutely love it

  • Ana_moon

    very good song !this is a a romantic song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebeccai88

    I would really love to walk down the aisle to this song.. Unfortunately my fiance doesn't get it :(

  • Qaisqandahari

    woooow good yaar

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