Examiner: Top 5 most swoon-worth moments of the Saga so far

The Twilight Examiner has created a list of the top five most swoon-worthy moments of The Twilight Saga so far! Do you agree with her choices?

  • First Kiss – Twilight

The first kiss scene in Twilight was definitely romantic. “Edward” (Robert Pattinson) and “Bella” (Kristen Stewart) aren’t sure how it’s going to work, but they are certain they’ve gotta at least give it a try.

  • Reunion - New Moon

Boy, was it nice to see “Bella” and “Edward” reunite at the end of New Moon. We all felt her loss when he said he wanted to end, so for him to finally admit it was a lie was sweet, sweet relief.

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  • Fadhlh39


  • beliveinusa

    “Everything about me draws you in, my voice, my face and even my smell” Great lines that he played so well!!

  • suz1973

    Twilight: First Kiss
    New Moon: Reunion in Italy
    Eclipse: Bedroom/Sleepover scene
    Breaking Dawn pt 1: Walking down the isle and seeing Edward & Bella's memory of first night together.

  • Ma Morris

    Myself and a couple other GRANDMAS squealed when Jacob ripped off his shirt to wipe Bella's blood away after her spill off the cycle!  

    gosh, to be young again!

  • Debnurse30

    When they reunite

  • Terrimillward

    Twilight: the last kiss at the end of the movie at prom
    New moon: reunion in new moon
    Eclipse:Edward Bella at is house before he proposes
    Breaking dawn part 1: the first time I saw breaking dawn in the theater was the wedding when Edward and Bella said I do and I cried

  • Elijah 1007


  • Rebekahfloyd

    edward did this to protect her which he did not end up doing because victoria came there anyway. It defintly was not his first choice though.

  • TwilightForever

    Yeah I liked the kiss in Eclipse in front on Jacob. I read somewhere that that was the best kiss so far in the Saga

  • Casbv2003

    was when they finally excepted each other in Twilight . ( the lamb)

  • Spencerjm

    I LOVE that scene in Twilight at the restaurant, Edward looks so hot!

  • Shaetwilight

    New moon when Edward quotes Romeo n Juliet

  • Hissweetlilmamma4_ever

    I think the kissing scene in saga and breaking dawn are all very good and the best cant wait to see what part is gonna happen

  • dindonkas

    “Everything about me draws you in, my voice, my face and even my smell”

  • Ana_moon

    beautifull kiss!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000230494642 Bertha Jaramillo

    All the moments were romantic and suspenseful, but I have my own scenes:
    Twilight: Edwards and Bella's first kiss
    New Moon: The reunion
    Eclipse: When they both are at the meadow and I also go for when Edward finally slips in Bella's engagement ring at the end.
    Breaking Dawn Part 1: definitively the kiss after they both say “I do”

  • Sandycat53

    the first kiss in twilight, the kiss when they were re-united in new moon,  when they kissed in front of jacob in eclipse, when edward was stood at the altar he looked so gorgeous in breaking dawn pt1 , but then everything about edward would make you swoon !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steelmagnolia44

    I totally agree. That scene really got to me..woohoo…talk about romantic!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    You nailed it. Those are my favs too.


    Twilight: edward and bella's first kiss
    new moon: when they both reunite
    eclipse: when edward proposes 
    breaking dawn part 1: when bella's walking down the isle and see;s edward standing there

  • Bostongirl147

    That pic/kiss says it all!!

  • Xabbie Jade

    twilight-first kiss 
    new moon-when Bella saved Edward
    eclipse- the medow scene
    breaking dawn – when Bella saw Edward at the end off the isle

    cant wait to see breaking dawn part 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mscassie2000

    man grandmas got good taste

  • Lita125

    “Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty” Edward Cullen in New Moon Such A Beautiful Line…

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