Clevver TV compares Breaking Dawn part 1 sales vs Eclipse sales

Im not surprised that Breaking Dawn part 1 dvd sales surpassed Eclipse dvd sales. Everyone wanted to take home a video of Bella and Edward’s wedding!!

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Source : Spunk Ransom

  • Kim_vicious9

    I own them all

  • Stinemirelisa

    i have all 4 & ABSOLUTELY cannot WAIT till Pt.2 comes out in theatres & hopefully that DVD will come out as quickly as this 1 did!! <3

  • Dragonflycakes3

    Why oh Why do they have to wait till Nov for part 2, It could have been a great summer release. :(

  • http://twitter.com/Dede_Flattsgirl Claudia

    yes i own them all. i have 2 copies of  twilight and new moon

  • Kelley

    I can't wait for part 2, still wish she would have givin' Jacob a chance, TEAM JACOB!!!!

  • Jesusfreak84

    i own all the books i seen all the movies exsept part 2 of breaking dawn thats hasnt been release to the movies yet but i have all the dvds as well. i know for a fact that breaking dawn part 2 is going to be out of this world by the looks of it in the book.(breaking dawn)

  • Almeadows1978

    I have all 5 of the books and all of the dvds and can't wait until the next one comes out.

  • Skittelz93

    i own every single twilight movie and i am shocked the eclipse comes in last bc eclipse was wayy better than new moon

  • Shannonmeyer1313

    I own them all so far plus all 4 books and 3 illustrated movie companion the diary set the book about bree. and some other things about the saga

  • Kitlenes

    I own all 4 and can't wait for part 2 to come out. just got breaking dawn part 1 today cause i finally had the money to but i have gone to the theater 2 times to see it

  • twihard6690

    I can't belive New moon made more then any of the twilight movies new moon wasn't my favortie of all the movies(Team edward is why) I own all of them to But still I thought BD was going to make more then new moon was

  • http://twitter.com/guthrietiffany Tiffany Guthrie

    I have all of the dvds so far. Stood in line till 12:00 each time to get them and will do so for part 2 when it comes out. Love the saga.

  • Genesis Tan

    why they keep on waitin for nov why not now !!

  • Gerardsgurl

    I have all four also, went to the midnight sales to get them all, and when the box set comes out( which it will) I will have that too….can t wait for part two….holding my breath…love all of them….

  • Ariel T.

    I own all the books, have been a fan since New Moon the book was released. Now that the movies are coming out, I am getting them as quickly as I can. I am really surprised New Moon got the most sales out of all four since New Moon is the one everyone dislikes the most. Yet again, it has more Jacob in it than the other books, so I guess there might be more Jacob fans? Anyway, Eclipse was my favorite, so it's sad that that one wasn't number one. I also think New Moon was bought most because no one wanted to watch it in theaters because, yet again, it's the least favorite. I can't wait fort Part 2 of Breaking Dawn! The ending to the first part just left me anxious.

  • Phillymilkman

    I saw it in theaters and got it on blu ray and watched it every day. I think I may have an adiction! Can't wait for 2 .

  • Bluebird_12342003

    i have all the books and all the movies as it stands and when part 2 comes out ill have it too  i cant wait to see how bella dose as a sheild in part two  as the dvds i think that breaking dawn part two will out do the 3rd one

  • Crest_smile

    i have all the four movies on blu ray!

  • brooke

    I have all for and i got breaking dawn part 1 yesterday i think breaking dawn is the best movie out of the series. Cant wait till part 2 comes out

  • Brittney

    i own them all and cant wait for breaking dawn part 2 :)

  • Lizanne Henninger

    I agree completely with you. I am also looking forward to part 2 and am curious if they will sell the twilight saga in a boxed set after all the dvds are released. I also have all the movies including an extra twilight featuring stehenie's conversation in the first twilight :)

  • Alisona1987

    All 5 books? Thats quite an accomplishment seeing as there are only 4…..

  • Snufflo

    5 books by stephanie Myers that would include short life of Bree tanner :)

  • Shanierae

    I just bought Eclipse along with BD p1…I would prefer the digi copies of all and have the option of playing them on my blue ray player though portable media.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5XVJVPIUAG53EOEIFTOXXYXO2A Chrissy

    I also own 2 copies of the first two movies. I stood in line for Twilight the movie, in Port Angeles…where Bella went. I was the last one to get tickets for the midnight showing. I own all the books and movies and have been to Forks many times….as I live only 60 miles from there. I feel so lucky!  I wish Stephenie would finish Midnight Sun!

  • Bellaisabella2011

    Got them all…my fiance suprised me with the bd part 1
    He got it fir me an extra gift for Valentine's day..he so sweet.:)…I
    Was absolutely suprised by how fast it came out in DVD…after 3 month
    Of being on big screen……..now what I don't understand is
    If bd part 2 is already wrapped and done (that's what they say) then why can't they
    Play it on June or July …why wait the when year….but i mean…summer
    Will go fast…..so yeah….can't wait

  • Kittycatwitch

    I own all 4 thanks to my hubby.

  • Kaliyon97

    I have ALL:)) of course I would have them all I LOVE THEM and I can't wait to have and see Breaking Dawn pt 2 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

  • zaphira

    i read that it was so good…i didnt really care much that she died in eclipse but after i read the book i was obviously left with the sickening regret that it didnt end differently…she was close to getting away, she was gonna run away wit that hispanic vampire guy…and the other one who had special powers to make people feel sick wen they came next to him

  • Courtney Welch52

    Ihave all of the twight movie

  • Zaphira

    yeah i never got y that had the record for sales in theatres and dvds. but i guess it was coz of all the anticipation and build up over the series after twilight came out. in new moon u finally saw the wolves and u met the volturi so everybody was pumped to see those things, then it kinda flopped for me at some points…but thats not their fault i guess, new moon was always my least favorite book coz bella was in super depressive mood for like 6 freaking months. i mean seriously ur soul mate leaves u yeah sure u can b depressed but jeez dont make it dat obvious that ur life has become a meaningless space of existence

  • TwilightTVD

    I can't buy a copy yet because I live in the UK aka last country to get  things ;) Anywho can't wait to buy the dvd as Breaking Dawn Part 1 is my favourite of the saga as the acting is at the best its been and I loved Isle Esme, the wedding everything was brilliant. About New Moon, even though it is probably the most depressing of the saga and there is barely any Edward/Cullens in the film it has slowly become my favourite of the films and my favourite of the books as we see how Bella really is with Jacob and how that differs from her relationship with Edward. Total Team Edward and Team Jasper ;) Can't wait for March to get my copy :)

  • Servanogwyneth

    Ugh it was suppose to come out in summer but Mackenzie foy

  • Xyra44

    I have all four and love every minute of the movies and the special features.  :)

  • Gabi

    i own all of them <3 they r the BEST <3

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