Photos: Robert Pattinson leaves LA, arrives in Berlin

Robert Pattinson was spotted at LAX as he left Los Angeles last night and was headed to Berlin, where he’ll attend the world premiere of his film Bel Ami at the Berlin International Film Festival tomorrow! He’s also been spotted as he arrived in Berlin.

More photos of Rob at LAX here.

More photos of Rob in Berlin here.

  • Sandycat53

    gorgeous as ever!

  • Pamela

    where is bella

  • missyK469

    so true sandycat53

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5HCLN6GFFPYGSBPLGBBOUYWVOY stupidpeoplesuck

    Yeah where is Kristen Stewart?

  • justinbiebersbabe

    bellas name is kristen stewart xx

  • Jordieshort

    bellas name is kristen stewart xx

  • Nenaz_en_accion_jaja


  • Slimgal1995

    You are so gorgeous xx

  • Lindsey

    He is so sexy a vampire but Im just not so sure about in real life ! I still like him though he is an awesome actor!

  • Angel4life9760

    He still looking Sexy!

  • mzwoods2010

    ugh he is so yummy :)

  • http://twitter.com/Tuhoechic Michelle

    he's 1 guy  oh wait hw old r u if ur a teen that'ts fine

  • http://twitter.com/Tuhoechic Michelle

    they don't live in each others pants give them a break already

  • http://twitter.com/Tuhoechic Michelle

    They actually like to be a part someimes or didn't  you know that

  • Nascarthang20

    who cares like him better without her

  • Bella@edward

    i think that i want 2 go there!

  • Wil

    DAMN !!!! So BEAUTIFUL ROB !! I Love Him <3

    He and Kristen are no longer? :(

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DS6DFPSLGSRHUQCUKKDGRG74WU Shannon

    Mmmmm Looking Good R-Patz <3

  • Wil


  • Tracy

    With his shaved head, all I notice are his eyebrows and they look like caterpillars.  I never noticed it before.

  • Jess_jim_23

    i am with you lindsey

  • Mwambolds

    so sexy, hot and fine!!! . they are just actors and friends.

  • Douille87

    He Is so cute

  • Shamlee77

    nice photo,  great  ,

  • Taskeen Arnold7

    yoh want him toooo come to south africa

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