Photos: Robert Pattinson at photo call and press conference at ‘Bel Ami’ Berlin premiere

Robert  Pattinson is currently attending the world premiere of his film Bel Ami at the Berlin International Film Festival. Earlier today he attended a photo call and press conference with co-stars Christina Ricci and Holliday Grainger. Rob also took the time to sign autographs and take pictures with fans! We’ll share photos of the official premiere when we get them!

See a TON more pics here.

Video of the photo call and press conference (German audio):

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
  • Sandycat53

    love rob,s hair like this, damn sexy as always !

  • anonym

    Rob'S hair :O

  • Btrflysner

    The man is sexy as hell no matter what but I love his hair so sad to see it go LOL

  • Tonkagirl

    His hair is do much better longer, but i agree sexy regardless.

  • Juleez

    Like him better with hair, but he still looks good.

  • Shineris11

    Robert will always be sexy nomatter what but I like him better with hair o.m.g I love ur. New movie breaking dawn I got at 12am asap at walmart the night it came out now I cant stop watching it I just love it the wedding and all is so good and butifule but in the next movie y'all make is bella a vampire and I s ranesamay going to be in it ttyl love ya.PEACE'S

  • Lisa

    woohhhh i'm going to gemany! 5 ours in the car is okay! i like him better with longer hair! but he still looks good!

  • mich_

    so wanted him to keep his hair . . . :(  
    did they film part two of BD , if not he's not gonna look like Edward !

  • Bethh'xo

    Yeahh, they filmed it at the same time as the first one, so don't worry – he will still look like Edward ;) x

  • mariajose

    beautiful <3

  • Victoria

    I think he is always handsome with hair or without)))
    becouse I so love him!

  • Old-Married-Twilight-Fan

    Geez, can't you spell????

  • Nastyakorzyn

    Oh,god! Where is his hair?

  • iluvedward<3

    offt fit    but i want his hair to come back!!     but i still love him

  • Revlaunb

    Why did you cut your hair?
    Your beutiful hair it's gone
    Im ganna cry
    :( :'( :'(

  • Berania

    i love taylor lautner

  • Brande_Young

    He's sexy no matter what he wears or how he styles his hair.

  • Lou Hutton

    why o why did u cut off that lovely hair

  • Godlovesay


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