Pics/Videos of Rob at ‘Bel Ami’ Premiere in Berlin!

Here are some pics and video of Rob at the Bel Ami Premiere in Berlin earlier today!

Head over to Robert Pattinson Life to see TONS more pics!


  • Jenn!

    Considering how FAST his hair grows, I'll forgive that crewcut. (My little bros. got'em the day before the entered the military—they said they were gonna be forced to have'em anyway)

  • Myjobs11

    she is a very luck lady to be on your arm, because you are beautiful.

  • Djameme

    who is the lady with him. that does not look like Ms Bella

  • Djameme

    Who is she

  • Jenlyons12177

    I believe the one in silver is Christina Ricci..she's in the movie with him. Can't wait to see this movie!

  • http://twitter.com/Janie_Iturralde Janie Iturralde

    the lady's w/him are his co-stars from Bel-Ami.

  • TroubleNTazzy

    Does anyone else notice that he seems more relaxed and less brooding in these pics??  I mean compare them to the twilight premier pics.  9 out of 10 pics, he's actually smiling!

  • Stache_Lover

    Over the last few premiers he's seemed more confident in his skin.  He was extremely overwhelmed after the first Twilight comic con and premiere.  He and Kristen are getting much better at this!

  • Stache_Lover

    The blond is Holliday Grainger.  She is a co-star

  • Stache_Lover

    Holliday Grainger and Christina Ricci

  • Barbara

    He is the sweetest most adorable man!  Can't wait to see Bel Ami and Cosmopolis!!

  • http://twitter.com/Aaylita Aaylita

    I saw it live from the Berlinale site and it was just amazing waiting for the actors to arrive on the red carpet  and feeling the excitement of the crowd -as I was there too -minus the cold! Rob, apart from being a really gorgeous guy,  seems to be an adorable person too. He's being really nice and kind with all those crazy fans and always smiling and laughing… I mean….you GOT to love him!!

  • Sabrinatilly

    i am nt happy n my friend want marrid u will married her plssssssssssssss

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