Robert Pattinson says he is too old to play Edward again

Robert Pattinson revealed at the press conference in Berlin today (where he is promoting Bel Ami) that, even if Stephenie Meyer wrote another Twilight Saga book, he’d be too old to play Edward in an onscreen adaptation. From Gossip Cop:

“I’d be curious to see what [Stephenie Meyer] would write, but I just think I’d probably be too old by the time [they did it],” the actor told reporters on Friday in Berlin, where Pattinson was on hand for the world premiere of Bel Ami.

He added, “I’m already too old. But yeah, it’d be kind of interesting.”


  • Maraze2000

    dont give up rob !

  • ThatTeamTaycob

    At least he knows this. I'm not saying that Robert's ugly, it's just that he doesn't look seventeen years old. Then again, it's a little too late for a recast anyway. :D

  • Lexiangel045

    The age should not matter. You can't recast this far into the saga.. On top of that thats why hollywood has the best make-up artist around. No matter how old he is no one could ever replace him as Edward. I would have to say if recast happens I would have to pass on the movie. It wouldn't be the same. There is to much Chemistry on screen and off for someone else to play the part with Bella.

  • Tracy

    Agree that he doesn't look seventeen.  They were hurrying to finish these movies because everyone was growing up.  Seems like the trio is ready to move on.

  • Paperlady62

    i cant belive u

  • Paperlady62

    so what ur getting old i does not care dont give up Rob

  • Tanzy

    If she were to even write another book, it would be min what 5 years before a movie is even put into production?..he'd be almost 30, and he's a smoker..a distinct possiblity he would look WAY too old to pull of 17 (he already doesn't really) and, they would know Twilight fans wouldnt take kindly to recasting, since the cast has been a big part of the success of the movies.  Highly doubt it would ever happen.  Sounds like hes ready to move on.  Kristen has said its feels complete too.  I really dont see how an Edward/Bella story could continue..Jacob and Renesmee on the other hand….That could work!

  • salo chachua

    nobody can play edward as you. you are amazing and I don't care your age

  • salo chachua

    nobody can play edward as you. you are amazing and I don't care your age.    nobody can change youLike

  • Cusmile

    No, he is not too old! keep it up Rob!

  • Elmi pattinson

    OMG you are joking right, Robert might be older but surly if they did do another book in the film he would be older duhh they could do another book on renesmee and how she is grown up and bella and robert are older now (or just air brush it) but he cant leave that would be the worst thing ever (if harry potter could make 7 films why cant they make one or two more twilights???????????

  • Beautyqueen620

    Uhm the vampires don't get older in looks… they stay the same

  • Immietyler2610

    Too old no way you can't give up it was be like giving up something that is important to you don't give up age doesn't matter!!!!!

  • Amanda

    The Edward/Bella story is finished so why should it matter

  • bunnyboo

    Bloomin Hell…He Wont Be Off Our Screens For Decades!!! Hes No Spring Chicken But Hes Still Got It! ;)

  • Keila_z

    edward cullen cant ever look old because his a handsome vampire…. TEAM EDWARD forever !!!!!!!!!!!! <3 robert pattinson

  • Reynasrule

    Translation= “Please don't write another Twilight Book Stephenie. I really want to do OTHER things.” lol

  • Breezer

    ♥In my humble opinion- I'd think the fans would really LOVE to see a Jacob/Renesmee love story-  with just a smattering of cameos of “Mom & Dad” 'round the edges.  I know I would!;)  Regarding Edward's “aging”- let's really think about this.  Vampire-genes are magic beauty-genes aren't they!?!  And we ALL love Edward's good looks!  So- I don't know WHAT all the discussion is about!!?!  I mean- I don't think Rob was really thinking when he made that comment!  Edward & Bella's (Rob & Kristen's) great looks would DEFINITELY win out over ~~*ANY*~~ possible “controversy” about how young OR old they're “supposed” to look!;)  It's all make-believe anyway.  If their age REALLY needed EXPLANATION- why couldn't it be attributed to something akin to the miracle of Renesmee's conception & birth.  Stephanie could just write about how their once-in-a-lifetime love & half human/half vamp babe changed EVERYTHING. And altho now their little trio may be mortal(ish)- it would an extremely slow aging process. One where they wouldn't be FOREVER FROZEN at seventeen/eighteen…   Yeah- I'd love to see another one… As far as Twlight fans go-  I can't imagine who wouldn't!!!

  • Kate

    Robert, you are NEVER too old! If the story goes on (and I really hope it does after al) you and you alone have to be Edward. I can't imagine any other guy playing that part. As goes for Kristen, and the whole rest of the cast for that matter.

  • Pj_ranae

    What ever we have waited all this time for edward to change bella. And now that he has ya'll just what to quit Ya'll suck!!!!!

  • Debbiecoats59

    how could he be to old makeup dose the trick ever time

  • [email protected]

    qu'il est beau mais je le préfere maquiller sa donne tout son charme ^^

  • Modragon61710

    i read the whole saga in a week. didn't do anything else.  just finished last night, bummed that i'm outta book. but, now i'm more productive…

  • Ingille Sajol

    ohhhh no robert!,do not matter on your age..your still young on screen.i swear. i or them might be  discourage with the next twilight movie if u would not appear there….. because we want u as edward.. i insist.. please…  

  • Dragonblood

    true vampires never go old  

  • Rhibbardnelsdon

    Keep the Role Rob

  • Wchristellemitsphalie


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