Fan Art Feature: Nehyl

Wow, love this! A fan submitted this digital painting to us. What do you think?

  • Samdavestevens

    Really love it – love the way you done the dress!! Brill

  • Patluvsvodka

    Brilliant pictures really captured them here ,loved all the films waiting for Breaking Dawn part 2 ….and can't explain it but Edward really draws you in and you have managed to really bring him alive ……..

  • Jjfresno

    there is a pic already like this, i like the color change though

  • Felicia19

    did you actually digitally do this or did u just copy and paste, just wondering

  • Twilightfannn

    i dont like it

  • Jazzmine1993

    i dont get it

  • Team Jacob

    Awesome pics !!!!!!!

  • Treg_nh

    Awesome!   Love all of them……….    hope we get to see more.. :)

  • Lee

    I take diff photos and put them together and just mess with them cant really explain  
    how lol just what happens when I start messing with them.

  • Lee

    I go online grab photos of people I like, and come up with this stuff just putting them together. I also do it with photos of friends and family.

  • Isvico8587

    I think you need more creativity this as very bizarre to think of it I did

  • Jen

    10X better then what I could do

  • Cassie V

    AWESOME!!! Love it!!!

  • Nehyls

    thanks alot 
    Mancusoy35 …. :) i'm glad you like it

  • Nehyls

    thanks for your wonderful comment 
    liz white :)

  • Sierra

    I love this!!!! you are so goooood! I can't even draw a straight stickman :D *claps* BRAVOOOO BRAVOOOO <3333

  • Clarkplsfarms

    To many vampire movies, I rather watch something else, I think that the painting is so-so and maybe would appreciate it better if I was a fan of this or the Vampire Diaries. I don't  like Count Chocola Cereal, “Kids Stuff” as I see these Twilight Saga's are too…

  • nehyls

    that is the pic i used an reference from a photoshoot of Rob and Kristen . This one donr digitally totally from stratch .. thanks

  • nehyls

    awwww. thanks alot for your wonderful comment :)

  • nehyls

    hey, this is my artwork :) i did the whole thing digitally from drawing to painting it digitally. no photo manipulation here :)

  • nehyls

    awwww.. your comment just made my day. thank you so much

  • nehyls

    thanks :)

  • Linemanuel

    the picture is great, edward is great, love you and thank you for the picture. Part 2 is going to be the best.

  • nehyls

    thank you :)

  • Inshal

    oooo i love alll of these rob and  kristen are made for each other i love all twilight team <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • nehyls

    thanks :) i love them too

  • nehyls

    thanks alot :)

  • Bri

    its a wunderful pic, very nice dress

  • Lauren xx

    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StefaníaDenise

    It's not perfect, but I could never do anything better, so congrats! I am waiting for someone to draw as good as you did!

  • Minilop2007

    It is nice, but it doesn't really look like her.

  • Lee

    Got some new stuff for all you fans out there… I hope you like these I work hard to make them all look good enjoy.

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