Fan Art Feature: Nehyl

Wow, love this! A fan submitted this digital painting to us. What do you think?

  • Kylalouisejacobs

    I think it is brilliant! Really creative.

  • Xstitchingrt

    very nice.  good work

  • Brigita valaityte

    wow some one that truly love you two guys allot

  • Baralle Sandy

    très belle photo 

  • Jessieburrhus


  • Joannachristof

    really nice!!!!good job…..and kinda creepy….

  • Frida Andersen

    woow :O

  • A Person 0.o

    Edward isn't sparkling!!
    -Says the gay guy next to me..

  • Fucku8

    thats not cool

  • Micaylafuller

    i love it

  • ilovetaylorlautner.com

    arrrhhhh wowww pretty :)

  • Kimyty63

    i cant wait to watch part 2 breaking dawn is the best but i love all of them…

  • katezkool


  • Extreme Girl1994

    wow is wanderfull:X:X:X:X

  • Piperlover97

    no really good at all


    coolio xxxxxx Bella Pretty Edward FITTTT !!!!

  • turkey and beef

    says team jaccob

  • Brittany Gifford04

    Awesome except Bella looks weird. It's really good though. Edward isn't sparkling because its overcast.

  • Jessicascherer

    wow i miss you and i ove you TWILIGHT

  • Madisoncandylover

    it is made peppers and blood and beef and turkey there for it is nice art

  • Isabeldj16

    Creepy looking!

  • Meanascritic

    Their joined hands are weird, and I don't think Kirsten looks like her Bella Character. They seem to be outlined in a glow but over all I like it alot. I'm a hard core critic :/

  • Kawhatley


  • Thelmaeagle

    I think it is great would love to have that in a frame

  • C_mcgraw

    Just to those complaining about them not sparkling: The Sun is clearly not out, it is very cloudy and a bit dark, so they can't sparkle. And for those who doesn't think it's good: Please, go ahead and draw something better, and post it so you can prove you can do better.

  • Mlvarner

    I think it' good, other than bella's face, it doesnt really resemble her at all. Oh well, farewell twilight fans<3

  • Cheeky-Monkey

    Fist comment :D <3 Edward Cullen <3

  • Mischelinmisa

    Tak to se mi teda moc nelíbí.

  • danisado

    The person obviously has talent, but their faces are… off?

  • Reagan Johnson35

    The girl doesn't really look like Bella but its really good(:

  • Lee

    I do this all my self, one day wish to make money off this very big fan hoping all the BIG fans enjoy them as much as I did making them.

  • EdwardLover<3123456

    its ok :/ but that looks nothing like bella what so ever

  • Lee

    More of my work, trying to get myself out there hope all you fans enjoy.

  • Roho


  • Mancusoy35

    You did an amazingly wonderful painting. You have talent. Great job, be proud.

  • lookinggood

    You mean Kristen Stewart, Bella can look like anything. 

  • Jackandmadisonsmom

    I think it is very good! Dont listen to ppl!

  • Lee

    Every photo is real taking of the person, none of them are fake just made them look unreal I have so many more not just of twilight other movies as Harry Potter VERY BIG FAN lol.

  • Btrflysner

    Great work, just doesn't look like Bella at all.

  • Mividaloca246257

    very very wonderful.  But to me (and only me) it just doesn't seem to fit Bella.  ONLY MY OPINION.  I wish I was that talented.

  • liz white

    good work… artistic expression is about what you see not what others do… :)

  • Lee

    Anybody looking to buy let me know or if they'd like some else put together I can make it lol.

  • Gerbewife1

    I think that it isn't how we percieve Bella.  Always in tennis shoes, jeans and a hoodie.  But I wish we could see her face a little better.  Nice pic.

  • Lee

    More of my work.

  • Gloriadawnlewis

    It's AWESOME ! do a wedding scene,too & bedroom….AWESOME.

  • Piscesvixen6

    these pics are great!! I love all the Twilight movies!!

  • Gloriadawnlewis

    hey don't be trashy to this person …she's very talented ….AWSOME JOB.

  • Lee

    Are you meaning my work?

  • Tonibeverly482009

    i love twilight so much in the of the first book

  • Bellaisabella2011

    Amazing…love it

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