Breaking Dawn 2′s Andrea Powell cast in ‘Ender’s Game’

The cast for the upcoming film adaption of Orson Scott Card’s book Ender’s Game is really shaping up, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 star Andrea Powell (Sasha) will be playing Ender’s mom Theresa! Get more details below, and while you are at it, follow Andi on Twitter!

Deadline.com has now revealed the latest casting additions. Nonso Anozie (The Grey) will play Sergeant Dap, Stevie Ray Dallimore (Joyful Noise) has been cast as Ender’s father John and Andrea Powell (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2) will play Ender’s mother Theresa.

And, if you missed it, see our interview with Andi at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in November!

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  • Micaylafuller

    i'm happy to see part 2 of braken dawn

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JTLHWEXRF77M7SJ4JHILBZQ5BA Fvkr

    who was she in BD2????????

  • Sammybeal

    Hi, I've read all the twilight books and someone has told me that someone else has written a book that is in the twilight final films but isn't by Stephanie Meyer – I was just wondering is this the book? If it is I can't wait to read it, with it having a part in the film. Thank you for the reply so I know

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZBRSKETURIIJDK2LTXVDH7CYQ Megan

    in breaking dawn 2- she is the denali clans mother- she made the vampire children…. thats what will get the second movie going. i would recommend reading the book again before seeing the movie! I will be! :)

  • Jennesa

    Stephanie Meyer wrote all the Twilight Books. Who ever told you that is wrong. The films have different directors then the first 3 films but Bill Coden did the last two twilight movies. And Stephenie Meyer helped with the films. Stephenie Meyer appeared in the wedding in Breaking Dawn part 1 as well as some of the production crew for making the movie. So again who ever told you Stephenie Meyer didn't write the last book is wrong. I own all the books and it is written by Stephenie Meyer now there is a book that was written that had the same name by someone else and that could be what that person was talking about. But for as the films it was Stephenie Meyer.

  • Jennesa

    She will be playing Tayna, Kate and Irina's birthmother. Who was killed by the Volturi for making an immortal child. Which is against their laws for vampires and has a death penalty for making one. That comes out in Part 2 which comes out this November.

  • Azrielle

    Ender's Game is a near-future sci-fi novel written by Orson Scott Card that went on to spawn about 10 sequels and “sidequels”, about what we might call child-prodigies being trained in space at a huge space-station called Battleschool for Mankind's final battle with insect-like aliens.  It COULD make an AWESOME movie, if done well.

  • Betnew

    According to the BD book, Carlisle could not even remember the name of the Denali clan's mother … and yet she is in the movie???!!

  • Applejoy_tomate

    i like the twlight movie and i”m happy in part 2 breaking dawn

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