Interview with Michael Welch for ‘Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & The 420 Witch’!

Bloody Disgusting. com recently spent some time with the cast of the upcoming film Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & The 420 Witch including our Twilight’s Michael Welch. Here is some of the interview.

What was your approach to bringing Hansel into the present day? How does he exist in this world?

My character is a very modernized take on Hansel. The only similarity I would say is the fact that our parents are absent in our lives. So I’ve had to take responsibility and raise my younger sister and support her and be there for her in every way I can. The thing we’ve all brought to the character is a very dry, sharp, biting sense of humor. A way of dealing with life that is somewhat similar to the Jason Bateman character in “Arrested Development”. He’s just a guy who’s trying to be a rock in this storm of insanity happening around him, and he deals with it through sarcasm.

So if he’s like Michael in “Arrested Development”, he has to be sort of reticent in accepting the reality of all the action going on. How does that affect him?

In the beginning he’s unaware of this supernatural world around him. And he’s a very skeptical person by nature, so he wouldn’t be inclined to believe any of it. But then of course he gets dragged into it.

Tonally, what would you compare this film to?

It’s so hard to categorize this film. The name I’ve been using more than any other is Edgar Wright. We’re not making a film that’s similar to anything he’s ever done, but this idea of combining genres to create a new world and new feel. And it’s the kind of film where, tonally, you’re not sure if you’ve seen anything like it before. If nothing else, we’re definitely going to have a unique product.

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