Pics/Vids of ‘Bel Ami’ Premiere

Here is a roundup post of several pics/vids of Rob at the Bel Ami premiere this week! Enjoy!

Rob’s official portrait from Berlinale Festival!

Source: Berlinale via RPL

Press Conference Pics:

Source Berlinale/Promicabana/Kinopoisk via RPL

Red Carpet Interviews:

Source via BellasDiary

Rob with Fans!

Source via BellasDiary

Rob’s Sister:

Source via BellasDiary

After Movie:

Press Conference:

Source via RPL



  • Indiesr

    I can't wait to see this film, regardless of the critics, I'll support rob in all his films and I know he'll be awesome in this!

  • RobNKris90

    Ricci back off of Rob!

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