Video: Rob Pattinson & Christina Ricci interview for Bel Ami at the Berlin Film Festival

Check out these interviews of Rob Pattinson and his Bel Ami co-star  from the Berlin Film Festival.  Adding a transcipition of the video since it’s hard to hear what they are saying :)

YouTube Preview Image

Rob: It’s my first festival for a movie I’ve done so it’s nice. I’m really excited.

Christina: Rob and I had a really great rapport. We were able to joke with each other, be silly on set. We were able to laugh about how awkward and uncomfortable and ridiculous the whole situation was.

Rob: It’s nice having 3 really incredibly strong actresses. They’re the strongest women as well, it’s kind of … to have to pretend to dominate cause I would never be able to dominate them in real life.

YouTube Preview Image

Source : RobertPattinsonLife

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