Has Stephenie Meyer said no to more Twilight movies?

While discussing how The Hunger Games box office might compare to the box office performance of The Twilight Saga films, Variety’s Josh Dickey mentioned the following very interesting blurb:

As long as we’re on topic: Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention.

Despite the fact that Lionsgate would surely love to produce another money making Twilight film, Stephenie Meyer doesn’t appear to plan on writing more books, and Rob has said he’s likely too old to play Edward anymore. I’d say, don’t get your hopes up!


  • princess134911

    i honestly think we as fans will always want more but if she says shes done what can we do? i dont think she is selfish about it. this fantasy of forbidden love came from her brilliant mind and we should thank her for sharing it, thats all dont make her feel guilty because of our obsession.

  • Crissyb87

    I would love to read another book don't need the movie and I agree Rob may be getting too old to play Edward and any more movies wouldn't be good if he wasn't the one playing Edward.

  • Galeana12010

    Rob you are not to old to be edward And miss stephenie Dont stop know please and we love your. Twilight books and films please (por favor) dont stop

  • rocker

    you went through all this work just to quit you found the right ppl and you followed through dont stop now keep going bc there should be a future for jacob and Renesseme there was for edward and bella why would you do this to all of the fans please dont stop now its not wroth it!!!!!

  • vera

    I'm sorry if it does continue the story … would be fantastic … and the fans would love.I think that Stephenie should have the fans a little more consideration … was just not think?We did it become possible … we love, we laughed and we cried with this story … Now was the time for a thank you. and this would be one more book, and why not a movie?

  • vera

    If Rob thinks later is too old to inegrar another movie .. then do not take long to decide …. if you want you can … enough to want.

  • JareRay1

    I say give us fans what we want…. :-) …. it doesn't seem right to end this when a new beginning is just getting started….and we have the technology to keep Edward looking young…I think we should at least give one more film a shot…the franchise it too successful to end now…wouldn't you agree??

  • Cenalina

    As much as that would be cool…at the same time I think Twilight has played out its time in the movies. Don't get me wrong I love Twilight and the books but I think Stephanie desciding not to write more is a good choice. However, maybe writing different book altogether would be a great change up such as The Host? I would love to see what happens in that book way more then what happens with Jacob and Renessmee. Just my opinion…

  • Cookiemonster

    I would love if you made alot more movies and books! Movies for the people that enjoy them better than books! And books for people who like them more than movies

  • Cantorstacy

    Please write another book about Bella and her life as a vampire!!!!!

  • Mmel

    I would only want another book if SM sincerely had more to tell of any of the characters. She shouldnt write another one just because of influence from Lionsgate that would be ridiculous and probably not flow in the series of Twi. books. Its up to her, period.

  • Susie

    I so loved reading the Twilight series ( 3 times). And I think they did an awesome job with the movies. And I believe she still has alot more she could do to continue on! Just think what she could just do with Jacob and Renesseme! Does she realize how much some of her fans LOVE these books and movies! Stephenie you have a responsibility to your fans!!!

  • http://twitter.com/JAMIEESTOKES JAMIE STOKES

    A book about Jacob and Renesseme would be awesome, to tie up all the loose ends. PLEASE!!!

  • http://twitter.com/OransjRot OransjRot

    Rob is not too old, he is only around 20 years old. I would haveloved and read from Edward's point of view. I have read the draftand I LOVED it! Stephenie is an amazing writer and her booksgives me a lot insperasjon ..

  • Chas

    I would love for there to be MORE twilight movies…. :)

  • Kate

    Nobody cares I think if Rob thinks he's too old, we only want to see him and Kristen as Edward and Bella, no doubt about that! Second of all, it would be cool if the book written from Edwards point of view would after all be published and a movie made of it. AND ofcourse we would all like to see a little more of Jacob and Renesme. Please more movies!!! and books!!!

  • http://twitter.com/ChicagoGina1 GinaD

    I JUST found this AWESOME series last year and am not ready to give it all up just yet! PLEASE write more books so we can have more movies, Stephenie … PRETTY PLEASE with sugar on top???

  • Dumbledore's Army


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRWCYNKYNQTUZ62GP3SJYIUSQU ℜ₳₦₳ €ℓ-₳ℛ₳฿¥

    The whole story from Edward's view would be absolutely amazing. Hope Stephanie finishes it soon.

  • tori

    when you are asked what comes to your minde when you here twilight you think of  edward or  jake but i think of stephenie meyer without her you could't think of any of  thease things
    so for that i think you

  • Kmccortx

    Infinite Respect. I love Stephenie. She writes to write. She doesn't write for profit. This kind of stuff proves that. Would I love her to finish Midnight Sun and continue with Jacob's story? Well, hell yeah. That being said, I do NOT want more movies. Not that I haven't loved them and had fun with them but…it's already waaay too commercialized and that would be the cherry on top.

  • edwardsgirl31

    i think she should defiantly finish writing midnight sun because Edward needs his story told to.
    and    i also think that they should make a movie that tells Jacob and renessemee's story
    because i would love to see them have a happy ending just like Bella & Edward did.

  • princess134911

    i actually thought id never find another series to read until i read fallen. like u said it was ok

  • Tinabodnar

    I would love to see her finish Midnight Sun

  • Appledumplin1974

    I would love midnight sun to be doneck i love seeing the story told from Edwards perspective,i think stephanie meyer is an awesome author,an i don't think rob is too old to play as edward,plus i would love to see how the whole werewolf/vampire dynamics lead to since Jacob imprinted on reneesme,an in one of the twilight novels leah an jacob had a discussion about imprinting. Something along the lines only imprinting with someone yu can pass the wolf gene off to in yur children,so i say anything's possible…. :)

  • TmanueL


  • teresa

    just one more twlight if she dont finish edwards version lets have one more of bellas please

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