Bombay Bicycle Club disappointed with their involvement on the Twilight soundtrack

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, the Bombay Bicycle Club recently talked about their involvement on the Twilight soundtrack and being disappointed.

Here’s what they had to say :

“We ended up just swallowing all of the doubts that we had because we realized that it was going to be fun,” he said.

However, on closer inspection the assignment wasn’t the high-profile leg-up they were hoping for. Their track didn’t accompany Bella and Edward walking down the aisle or feature in the long-awaited sex scenes — in fact it was barely noticeable.

“Apparently it is just in the background of one scene in the film very quietly,” guitarist Ed Nash told The Associated Press in a recent interview. “I haven’t seen the film but our drummer went to see it with his whole family and I think they were bitterly disappointed.”

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Source : Twilight Lexicon

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